Closing Thought-30Apr18

When you turn your TV on to your favorite news channel you get very little actually news and a whole lot of opinion……and every day a whole line up of experts to ask questions to and allow to give their paid opinion….we see lots of “experts without expertise”……

The strong ratings of the first episode of the revived Roseanne set off an avalanche of commentary. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, for instance, John Podhoretz, a columnist for the New York Post, called the show’s success a “wakeup call for Hollywood.” Given how well it had done in Middle America, he said, the lesson was clear: for those who serve underserved Donald Trump voters, there are “riches to be reaped.”

Anand Giridharadas, a Brooklyn-based writer and MSNBC analyst, saw a broader truth: “Working-class white people may claim to be against identity politics, but they actually crave identity politics.” They want to be “seen and witnessed” in the same way that women and people of color do. With its glimpses of Maxwell House coffee and kitchen towels stitched with football logos, the show made an effort to pay respect to the details “of a certain demographic’s life.”

This is the problem I have with most news organizations……there are a couple of “fake” experts that give a fake look to several very serious subjects.

Plus there have been terrible comparisons that are nothing more than a variation of “fake news”……

After the justified uproar over pro-Trump Sinclair Broadcast Group forcing its scores of affiliates to humiliate themselves by reading an on-air script condemning “misleading” news, one would think other media outlets would be a little more careful not to mimic such behavior. Nonetheless, MSNBC—which rightfully tore into Sinclair Broadcast (4/2/18) for having its news reporters read off a corporate script—did a toned-down version of the same thing last Friday on Morning Joe (4/20/18).

Comcast corporate forced its nominally independent pundits and news anchors of Morning Joe to air a cultish 8-minute commercial for Comcast’s “Comcast Cares Day,” the lowlight of which was MSNBC host Al Sharpton comparing Comcast to Nelson Mandela:

“This is, I think, the way we can bring the world to where Mandela wanted us, where corporations don’t become expansive and influential just for personal wealth, but for a purpose, so that we have the ability to do good.”

It is no secret that I have been a staunch critic of the corporate media……where news is just propaganda.

33 thoughts on “Closing Thought-30Apr18

  1. That’s exactly why schools should include in their curriculum a (mandatory) class or two on critical thinking skills to be better prepared to meander through the wilderness of the constant bombardment of mass media and instant communication.

    1. Doug’s idea will never work because critical thinking skills tend to produce students who ask embarrassing questions and who are harder to brainwash or control. Critical thinking is not the friend of tyranny.

      1. You might have a point there, John… because right now we are about as close to presidential tyranny as we have ever been as a nation.. and his base follows him blindly without exhibiting any hope for critical thought.

      1. Still, Rosanne is no worse than British-dominated “American Pubic Media” — a travesty that needs to come to a screeching end — and soon!

      2. And that is mine! If we are going to call it “American” pubic broadcasting then let’s get a few “American” voices going on on the Media or get the mush-mouthed crap the hell off the airwaves!

      1. And that is hilarious since she was doomed at the baseball game by the Right…it is so damn laughable chuq

  2. It’s all about activism now. The traditional art of non-editorialized, impersonal and objective reporting has long since been lost and everybody with a camera or a microphone stuck into the veins of the Public thinks they are some kind of talking head expert on almost every subject under the sun and most of them do nothing more or less than expose their ignorance — or who their masters and string pullers are — mostly Liberals in today’s market!

      1. The Conservative Voice is so oppressed and suppressed by Liberal American Media that it is barely discernible. Show me a single broadcaster (Besides Fox News) or a single major newspaper or magazine with wide circulation that is anywhere near “Conservative.”

      2. FOX is not Conservative in my book but then I am no Trump fan. MSNBC has many conservs on air….from Kristol to the editor of Commentary magazine to some female from the Federalist and more that escape me at this hour chuq

    1. You may not like it….they are no friend of the prez ….to your point these are contributors they have no conserv anchor that I can think of this early. chuq

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