What The Hell Happened To ISIS?

#######Warning:  Strong language to follow######

The question pertains to Al-Qaeda also…..

The news these days is a porn queen and lawyers and Russia….what the fuck happen to those darn pesky radical Islamic extremists?  Did we kick the a/holes back to the Stone Age?

First of all, if you have ever been to Iraq or Syria these days that Age would not be a very long goddamn trip.

But really…what the shit is going on with our well funded War on Terror?

These are the question that a well informed American should be asking…..but Nooooooo they are too goddamn busy slobbering over some large boob blonde and her duel with the Donald.

If you have had enough of this damn silly lawyer fest then let me take you to where the rubber hits the road…..

The Middle East is far from fucking rid of the terrorists……..

No amount of money, reconstruction, or reconciliation will undo the cumulative effects of decades of collective war in Iraq and Syria. Once this conclusion is accepted, it is productive to define what the current insurgency evolves from and may become. To provide a baseline of understanding, an insurgency can be defined as an “insurrection against an existing government, usually one’s own, by a group not recognized as having the status of a belligerent.” The next generation of belligerents will give a sense of unpleasant familiarity to those they face as they redefine ways and means to unchanged ends. This article will explore the vague future for insurgencies in the region and attempt to add clarity to what the insurgencies that may rise from the ashes of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) could look like. This article will also prescribe ways the Iraqi government, local governments in western Iraq and eastern Syria, and the international community, can mitigate the drivers of these insurgencies.


Then there is AQ…….the lack of news would have you believe that we have kicked their asses and the death of Big Bad Bin Laden has ended their stranglehold on the terror genre…..if so then you are so fucking wrong…..

While the self-proclaimed Islamic State has dominated the headlines and preoccupied national security officials for the past four years, al-Qaeda has been quietly rebuilding. Its announcement last summer of another affiliate—this one dedicated to the liberation of Kashmir—coupled with the resurrection of its presence in Afghanistan and the solidification of its influence in Syria, Yemen, and Somalia, underscores the resiliency and continued vitality of the United States’ preeminent terrorist enemy.

Although al-Qaeda’s rebuilding and reorganization predates the 2011 Arab Spring, the upheaval that followed helped the movement revive itself. At the time, an unbridled optimism among local and regional rights activists and Western governments held that a combination of popular protest, civil disobedience, and social media had rendered terrorism an irrelevant anachronism. The longing for democracy and economic reform, it was argued, had decisively trumped repression and violence. However, where the optimists saw irreversible positive change, al-Qaeda discerned new and inviting opportunities.


On so many levels this is far more important than the lawyers and the Russian accusations…..

16 thoughts on “What The Hell Happened To ISIS?

  1. All this ‘crap news’ is just something to cover up the fact that nobody is beating the insurgents in any country. You get Porn stars, we get Brexit deals.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The legacy news media just has two objectives, getting rid of Trump and ratings. So what would you expect those clowns to do if not slobber over some large boob blonde and her duel with the Donald?

    As it now stands, the news media does not want to cover news in the Middle East. Coverage of news in the Middle East just reminds people of the mess Obama left. Once they can figure out how to blame the problems in the Middle East on Trump, don’t worry, the news media will increase coverage of the violence in the Middle East. Sex or violence or both increases ratings, but getting rid of the Donald comes first.

    1. I do not think Obama should assume all the blame….it was a joint effort on all parties…..no one with brain could blame it all on Trump either…..antics in DC does make it difficult to cover anything else….chuq

      1. When the USA leads from behind, no one else in the West assumes leadership. There is no one else.

        Here are some of the things that Obama let happen or actively encouraged.

        –That so-called Arab Spring.
        –That absurd treaty with Iran.
        –The near collapse of Iraq and the rise of ISIS.
        –Iraq virtual alliance with Iran.

        The situation with Turkey is still ambiguous, but the direction is not good. Not certain I would blame that on Obama, but one reason political Islam is growing is that political Islam is perceived as strong. Obama encouraged that perception. In fact, the entire Democratic Party has practically promoted Islam, and so are the silly Socialists in Europe. That’s like playing with fire. You are going to get burnt. The only issue is how much it is going to hurt.

      2. THe Arab Spring was a generic protesters starting in Tunisia….I do not agree that the treaty with Iran is absurd could have been better but at least it was a start….the collapse of Iraq started in 2003…..I blame nothing on a religion…the only fire we are playing with is the Saudis where the extreme Islam originated…..I agree we well get burnt….but it is because we seem to favor dictators over actual democracy….chuq

      3. Obama’s actions toppled the government of Libya and nearly put the Muslim brotherhood in charge of Egypt. Before Obama took over, Bush had stabilized Iraq. Obama was obviously more interested in pulling our troops than keeping Iraq stable.

        All Islam originated from Saudi Arabia. Islam is both a religion and a theocratic political system. Since Mohammad set the example, Muslims have a hard time saying that is not so.

        Mohammad spread his religion as a warrior, not as a preacher. Mohammad cut off the heads of “infidels”. So it is silly to ignore the problems Islam creates. At a minimum, we have to make it clear that we frown on political Islam, particularly as practiced by an organization like ISIS.

      4. You are accurate about Libya…Iraq was never stable after the death of Saddam….Iraq did not want the US there and would nit sign the extension….but you are accurate that the country became less stable…..Muslim Brotherhood was never close to ruling…btw Sisi as a member in his younger days…..yes Islam began in Saudi but the Saudis practice an extreme form of the religion the only way to rid ourselves of ISIS is rid ourselves of the Saudi influence. Islam does not create problems adherents to an extreme do…yes he spread with the sword…where is that any different. chuq

      1. On top of it, they rename themselves periodically, become more radical and virulent. It’s a difficult puzzle to finish, and I fear it will be a matter of generations, not years, to do, if it is eventually “fixed”.

      2. As long as we spend more time bombing countries into the stone age the more “moles” we will create….chuq

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