The region that does not get much ink these days is the region around the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean….this region is now called “Indo-Pacific…….

This region needs more attention here in the US so I had to turn to the Australians……

Security dynamics are changing rapidly in the Indo-Pacific. The region is home not only to the world’s fastest-growing economies, but also to the fastest-increasing military expenditures and naval capabilities, the fiercest competition over natural resources, and the most dangerous strategic hot spots. One might even say that it holds the key to global security.

The increasing use of the term ‘Indo-Pacific’—which refers to all countries bordering the Indian and Pacific oceans—rather than ‘Asia–Pacific’, underscores the maritime dimension of today’s tensions. Asia’s oceans have increasingly become an arena of competition for resources and influence. It now seems likely that future regional crises will be triggered and/or settled at sea.

I would like to thank the Australians this was a good report…..hopefully someone in the new State Department is paying attention….but I kinda doubt it.


2 thoughts on “Indo-Pacific

  1. Something often overlooked is the fact that Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world. Recent figures estimate over 225,000,000. Something to think about…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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