You Have The Cash

Congress just past a $1.3 trillion budget…that is trillion with a “T”…..and most of it goes to where?  You guessed it…..the Pentagon.

The last minute signing of the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill in the US is a big windfall for the Pentagon, who will be getting the majority of the money, in the realm of $700 billion. This includes 14 new ships, 28 new helicopters, and 56 of the costly F-35 warplanes. This $700 billion does not include other military-related spending, including the VA.

This is part of a $61 billion spending increase over the previous year, and virtually every aspect of the Pentagon is getting more money, more equipment, higher pay, and just general boosts in funding. Which isn’t to say everyone’s happy.

The funding covers an active put military of 1,322,500 people, with 816,900 reservists, and offers a long list of new vehicles and gear for them. $65.2 billion is also set aside for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), the budget that nominally is for war, but which in practice the Pentagon can readily shift around to different priorities.


I am pleased that our troops will get everything they need to fight the endless wars we are now engaged in…..but at the cost of the veterans?

Who are we worried about that we need such an increase in our military spending?


Well Russia is decreasing their military spending by 5%……

While the Pentagon continues to grow US military spending annually, despite already spending many times more than any other nation in the world, Russia indicated Friday they’re heading in the opposite direction. The Kremlin has announced planned cuts.

Kremlin officials say their intention is to cut military spending over the next five years, with an end goal being that, by 2022, they will be sending less than 3 percent of their annual GDP on the military. Currently Russia spends in excess of 5% in recent years.


We do not need to worry so much about Russia.

Maybe it is ISIS?

By all accounts, military accounts that is, ISIS is a shell of their former selves….so they are not the need for the increase…


It has got to be that we are concerned about China….is it possible?


8 thoughts on “You Have The Cash

  1. I think that fear of a foreign power has got little or nothing to do with military spending. It is simply about profits for the big businesses contracted to supply the armed forces. They bribe the politicians, and those politicians come up with plans to ‘have to’ spend more money.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Yeah, the show had me at a serious Mr Bean and the fancy French cop station that you drive the car right into.

        Reminds me of the 70’s show “Vega$” where private dick, Dan Tanna (Robert Urich), drove his ultra-cool cars right into the main floor of his house. It’s featured near the end of this groovy opening sequence.

        Oh shit, the Party Liquor done fried my brain!!! That’s not Poirot, but Maigret, I was thinking of. Watched both BBC shows…and Vega$. That kind of cheese helped formulacatify me as a young’ern. Nap time!

      2. Looking at the clip, the dude has a “very close” relationship with his sister, akin to a certain family relationship in DC. Ah, the 70’s. That groovy music (porno soundtrack surely???) just makes you want to kiss every girl you see. Which is probably part of all the career-ending lawsuits you’re seeing today. Lucky for Urich, he’s dead. Probably due to all the carbon monoxide from having a car in his living room.

        I thought that might have been an old T-Bird, but I seem to recall a red car…haven’t seen the show since it went off the air. But I’m not familiar with the Metro at all…Wasn’t that an 80’s K-car?

  2. Those cowards haven’t been calling themselves “ISIS” for at least 2 seasons now. Maybe they get their balls back again next season.

    But at this point, other than generating mind-numbing entertainment…does America actually DO anything other than make war?

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