Then There Is Afghanistan


That little war that goes on and on and……endless and eternal.

A war most Americans have tried to erase from their memories…..but the death and destruction continues….

Soon there will be an exercise in democracy… election… all the biggies in the country are jockeying for position….as  usual the big guys are pulling no punches as they make plans for the vote.

Afghanistan’s powerbrokers are in the early stages of an intense competition as they prepare for the planned 2019 presidential election. The multi-month disagreement between President Ashraf Ghani and warlord and long-time Balkh Province Governor Mohammad Atta Noor over the latter’s governorship is the first stage of a much larger battle between the two politicians for the presidency. Atta is exploiting friction caused by how President Ghani wields his power to build a network of alliances to challenge President Ghani in 2019. Meanwhile, Ghani is actively using his immense presidential power to undermine Atta’s attempts to build an opposing coalition.

With the election is a good time for the US to re-think the policy toward the country…..

President Trump has suspended about a quarter billion dollars in military aid to Pakistan. That move is the right one, but an examination of the wider failed U.S. policy toward the Afghanistan-Pakistan region is warranted and how that unending fiasco has evolved.

In late 2001, in response to the sheltering by the Afghan Taliban, then the rulers of Afghanistan, of al-Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden, the perpetrators of the horrific 9/11 attacks, the U.S. overthrew the Taliban government using U.S. military, the CIA and local anti-Taliban fighters. So far, so good.

Most f my regular readers know that I am against the US staying one more day in Afghanistan.  After the defeat of AQ and the Taleban back in 2002….we should have stayed one more year and helped with elections and then come home…..we would have the option of a return engagement if events warranted it.

I agree re-think the policy…bring our troops home they have given enough to a country that does not appreciate anything we have done or will do…….our troops deserve the rest.


4 thoughts on “Then There Is Afghanistan

  1. The only policy to have on Afghanistan is to realise that it is a foreign country that has to be left to sort out its own domestic problems. Then we should all pack up and leave, and let them sort themselves out. If they want to go back to living in the middle ages (albeit with very modern weapons) then let them. No aid, no trade, and they can be an isolationist ‘forgotten’ country.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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