Another BS Story From A Preacher

Another Saturday and time to dial back the political observations…..

Recently there have been several news stories about some religious leaders caught with their pants down…in more ways that one….

A pastor from Pennsylvania has denied any wrongdoing after police discovered him in a car with a naked man. George Nelson Gregory of Munhall and the unidentified man have been charged with lewdness and indecent exposure after they were discovered in the vehicle on 9 February.

According to a complaint made available to CBS Pittsburgh, authorities received a call regarding a suspicious car that was parked in from of a home on Beechland Street. On arriving there, officers found Gregory sitting in the back seat while a naked man bound with nylon rope was seated in the front.

In their criminal complaint, the officers mentioned that Gregory told them that they “were just playing” and normally “meet up from time to time to play with each other.” The naked man confirmed as much and added that their actions were consensual.

However, the 61-year-old now claims that the police report was incorrect and that the said conversation did not take place. “I have nothing to hide. I did nothing wrong,” Gregory said, explaining that the police had come to the car because they thought someone inside had passed out.

“I was counselling a young man with a drug problem,” he explained. “It did turn strange, but it wasn’t my doing, OK? And I was adamant that I’m not participating in that way. And so that’s when the police pulled up, and they assume things, but I’m standing by my story. It’s not true.”

The pastor revealed that the man did take off his clothes and proposition him. “I will deny, on a stack of Bibles with God as my witness, that I did nothing,” he said, pointing out that he was fully clothed at the time and did not deserve to be charged with public lewdness.


And we all know that preachers do not lie….like Swaggart, Bakker and a hundred others….and they all used the Bible to prove their innocence….and none were….

I will be off for awhile……try to enjoy your day and your time……chuq


6 thoughts on “Another BS Story From A Preacher

  1. I hope that his congregation throw him out of a job. I don’t care about him having weird sex with another consenting man. But the way he lied about it it is unforgivable. And what was he doing parked outside someone’s house? Why not just got to a motel?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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