Women’s History–Seraphine Pajaud

I try to be an equal opportunity poster and I also like to impart some history on my readers……and since it is Women’s History Month I would like to share this with my readers…..

Julie Louise Pajaud was born in 1858 in the Charentes-Maritimes department of France. She appears to have substituted Séraphine as a first name when she became an anarchist. She lived with the anarchist Marie-Georges Sandré and a police report of 25th June 1898 describes their relationship and that they had a son.

She became an active anarchist propagandist and make frequent speaking tours. At the time the Dreyfus Affair which began in 1894 and rumbled on until its resolution in 1906 coincided with a wave of anti-clerical agitation by Radicals, socialists and anarchists which culminated in the separation of Church and State in 1905. Pajaud was one of those anarchists who actively participated in this social ferment. In 1899 she gave a series of meetings in Limoges, then moving on to speak at the nearby town of St Junien, which was in the process of becoming a stronghold of anarchism. On February 17th 1900 she spoke at Moulins at a meeting with the following themes: “The truth to the people – There is no God- Ways and means to achieve complete emancipation…….


History can be interesting as well as informative….enjoy.


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