Closing Thought–28Feb18


Those tactics that is used in foreign policy to punish those interlopers on the world stage.

The news last week is that the US has issued strong sanctions against the regime in North Korea…..

The Trump administration is hitting more than 50 vessels, shipping companies, and trade businesses with sanctions in the latest bid to turn up the pressure on North Korea over its nuclear program, a senior administration official said Friday. President Trump was set to announce the action at the Conservative Political Action Conference in a Friday morning speech, followed by a public announcement from the Treasury Department, reports the AP. “Today I am announcing that we are launching the largest ever set of new sanctions on the North Korean regime,” Trump said in advance excerpts of his speech provided by the White House, per the Washington Post.

The 56 vessels and related businesses have conducted trade banned under UN sanctions, according to the White House. The announcement comes as South Korea hosts the Winter Olympics, an occasion the two Koreas have used as an opportunity to ease tensions and restart talks, though the move is not a huge surprise: It comes two weeks after Vice President Mike Pence, who attended the Olympics opening, promised the “toughest and most aggressive” economic sanctions against North Korea.

I am sure that most Americans will agree with this action…..NK has been trying to acquire the means to nuke its neighbors….something that is not acceptable to the world at large….

If the US has decided to sanction NK and the president has used it as some sort of win for the US….what happened to the sanctions against Russia?

President Trump signed legislation on Wednesday imposing sanctions on Russia and limiting his own authority to lift them, but asserted that the measure included “clearly unconstitutional provisions” and left open the possibility that he might choose not to enforce them as lawmakers intended.

(NY Times)

Monday’s deadline to release those reports was seen as a test of Trump’s willingness to clamp down on Russia. Critics blasted him for failing to announce any sanctions.

“The State Department claims that the mere threat of sanctions will deter Russia’s aggressive behavior. How do you deter an attack that happened two years ago, and another that’s already underway? It just doesn’t make sense,” said Representative Eliot Engel, the top Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee.

“I’m fed up waiting for this Administration to protect our country and our elections,” he said in a statement.

It has been proven that Russia has interfered with our election process….confirmed by multiple agencies….then why is it not happening as quickly as those against North Korea?  Why is the president so reluctant?

Today and tomorrow are my days with the doctors and the nurses……I may not be as active as I am most times….you know how doctors are…”Hurry up and wait”…..

I must bow out….Be well, be safe…..until the morrow…….chuq


23 thoughts on “Closing Thought–28Feb18

  1. You ask, “Why is the President so reluctant?” I do not believe that people who live down here in the land of the ordinary citizen will ever be able to second-guess the President and I am sure that even if we could we would not know what to do with the information gleaned. So I must leave these kinds of questions to the experts and the arm-chair strategists.

    1. Okay and that is why we have so many bozos running things….nobody cares enough to learn anything beyond those cute little slogans….chuq

      1. We have so many bozos running things because the Republicans are in control. Once the Democrats come to power again you will see things differently.

  2. It has been proven that Russia has interfered with our election process….confirmed by multiple agencies….(What I am really interested in observing is what those ‘multiple agencies’ have done to make sure this doesn’t happen again in 2018. I will wager that they have done little to nothing except waste taxpayer money and run their bureaucratic mouths.

    1. If they are not given specific orders then they do only what is possible in their little field of influence to go outside that would be suicide….the prez has to order the program. They are the experts and they are saying what they need to do but no one will give them the nod. Because the prez does not like the experts does not mean they are doing nothing. I work in intel for 9 years and these guys are doing all they can within their bounds…..chuq

      1. Everybody knows they have been the real government ever since Kennedy was killed. Trump and all the Congress and the Supreme Court are just figureheads answering to the Intelligence communities where the real power resides.

      2. and who is to say that it does not? I know of a time when the Rockefellers ran everything. Now it is Soros.

      3. I didn’t get that from “Infowars.” I got it from someone in the now defunct “United States Labor Party” back in 1976.

      4. They are not what they once were. In 76 they actually got onto the ballot for the Presidential election. I remember standing on a Detroit street shouting, “LaRoouche/Evans 76!”

      5. Thanx for the link…I will watch later for I am off for another round with doctors….hopefully I will be home before dark.>>>LOL chuq

      6. John….I remember watching that very broadcast in 76. Fascinating guy. Interestingly, President Reagan eliminated the very equal-time doctrine that gave LaRouche that TV access. It was all about narrowing the range of voices & opinions.

        Although I STRONGLY recommend NOT standing on a Detroit street corner yelling & carrying on. You’ll be in a pine-box in no time.

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