Gas ‘Em, Dan-o

Since the Civil War began in Syria there have been report after report of gas attacks by the Syrian forces……reports and accusations but not one of the alleged attacks could be verified…..but Hell that never stopped the propaganda machine from accusing…..

After over 7 years of warfare not much has changed….the gas attack reports just keep flying off the printed page……just the other day….

 U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said on Saturday that public reports showed Syria was using chemical weapons and added that it was time for the international community to hold the Syrian government to account.

“Public accounts and photos clearly show that Assad’s chemical weapons use is continuing,” McMaster said at the annual Munich Security Conference.

“It is time for all nations to hold the Syrian regime and its sponsors accountable for their actions and support the efforts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” he said, without specifying which public accounts or pictures he was referring to.

The US has repeatedly accused the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad of using chemical weapons in its long-running civil war. Earlier this month, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the Syrian government had repeatedly used chlorine gas, but stressed that the U.S. did not have evidence of sarin gas use.

So far they are accusations with no proof…..

There was another alleged gas attack but this time the accusation is leveled at Turkey……

 Multiple reports emerged on Friday claiming that Turkish troops used shells containing poisonous gas in their attacks in Afrin, hitting the town of Aranda with such shells, and hospitalizing six civilians with breathing problems.

Details are still scant, and there are no details on what chemical they were exposed to, but similar accounts have been made by the Kurdish YPG, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and the Syrian state media.

Such an incident is a potentially major deal, as Turkey isn’t known to have ever had chemical weapons in the first place, let alone to have any now. It’s possible, however, that certain chemicals they do have were deployed in a way inconsistent with international law.

Interesting not a word in the MSM about the Turkish accusation……we will ignore the possibility for they are an ally……

What makes Syrian newsworthy and Turkish not?

Easy answer…..propaganda.

5 thoughts on “Gas ‘Em, Dan-o

  1. I would like to see some solid proof about the constant reports concerning chemical weapons, whatever country is being alleged to have used them. It is too easy an accusation to throw out, and something similar got us into the war with Iraq in the first place. Let’s not go down that same route again.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. As we all know, Asshat is not using chemical weapons. Why? Because Obama drew a line in the sand that, if he crossed it, he’d be met with the full wrath of the US military. (HAHAHAHAHA!) But seriously, I don’t believe any of these motherfuckers. However, if any of them had chemical weapons, I’m damn sure they’d use ’em…even if it was by giving them to one of their sock-puppet outfits.

    As for proof, it’s hard to prove anything in a clusterfuck like this. Even if the investigators were objective, just collecting evidence is hard. The best witnesses are corpses who can’t testify.

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