Vietnam War’s Bloodiest Battle

Your history lesson for today is from the war that I was a participant…..Vietnam.

This is becoming another war that most Americans are trying hard to forget… has that in common with the Korean War.

Unfortunately all war is bloody but there are some battles that are more so than others.  So what is the bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War?

Khe San?  Tet?  Hamburger Hill?

None of the above.

1971 and the invasion of Laos will have the dishonor of the title of Vietnam’s bloodiest battle….

Invasion of Laos, 1971: Lam Son 719, author Robert Sander notes, “Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) 1st Corps, appears to have suffered more than 7,500 casualties, and the Communist forces approximately 13,000.”

American losses are harder to estimate. But at least 250 Americans died in support of the operation.

Particularly hard-hit were US Army helicopter crews who suffered more losses than at any similar period during the war.

Despite all this the battle remains understudied.


10 thoughts on “Vietnam War’s Bloodiest Battle

      1. “Korean Vets”? You mean the not-going-to-win US Olympic men’s hockey team?

        With the attentions spans we have today, most people don’t even remember what they had for breakfast today…even though they posted 50 photos of it on-line.

        No, because we’ve all lost most of what little thirst for knowledge we had (if not built up an outright resistance/hatred toward it) your sacrifices, sufferings, and lessons…will all be eagerly forgotten by a society of fucktards who live to post pictures of their meals, dicks & Chinese-made possessions. You just can’t keep up in this faced paced digital error without forgetting everything that came before it.

      2. you may be right but I have done all I can with my daughter and now my granddaughter to make them want to learn….som far so good. chuq

      3. It was a horrendous era and people IMO want to forget it. It seemed everyone our age had to go, so many died, home front was a mess (despite people believing it was Camelot) and then the war was lost.

      4. They are succeeding….in another generation it will be a mere mention or totally forgotten as has been the Korean War…..NO war should be forgotten that will disrespect the dead. chuq

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