Should You Avoid Yoga?

It is Sunday and what better time to post something religious?  How about Yoga for an example?

There are some Yoga Nazis next to where my daughter works…..they are forever bitching about the foul odor when I cook on the grill for the office… to be a dick I cooked a lot.

I think most are pretentious dicks…..there is some religious types that think it is anti-Christian to practice Yoga…..but I think these days it is a silly notion.

A Daily Wire writer caused a Twitter firestorm Thursday after comparing yoga to occult rituals like Ouija boards. Matt Walsh, who writes from the perspective of the religious right, garnered widespread attention after sharing his dismay that Christians indulge in “Hindu worship” like yoga.

In reality there are not many that know yoga is a religious practice….they see it as some sort of effective exercise…..besides who listen to these dorks after all they support pedophiles, rapists, abusers and the like…..

Time to relax and get ready for another week of bitching about memos, immigrants and Russia…..I can hardly wait…..chuq


2 thoughts on “Should You Avoid Yoga?

  1. I think the religious elements of yoga have long been overtaken by the health benefits, and not least the ‘trendiness’. I couldn’t bend enough to do it, of course. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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