It Is Like Arguing With Yourself

Saturday and a day to stop worrying about the crap of the day and relax…..I had an epiphany while watching the Olympics…..the Trump government is less interesting than curling ……

Almost all stores have the self-checkout for your convenience…..which is a lie….. it is to save on the payroll expense nothing else.

I dislike these things because I will inevitably arguer with the damn thing…..I like most of us do….but did you know that people are using them to commit shoplifting?

Beneath the bland veneer of supermarket automation lurks an ugly truth: There’s a lot of shoplifting going on in the self-scanning checkout lane. But don’t call it shoplifting. The guys in loss prevention prefer “external shrinkage.”

Self-checkout theft has become so widespread that a whole lingo has sprung up to describe its tactics. Ringing up a T-bone ($13.99/lb) with a code for a cheap ($0.49/lb) variety of produce is “the banana trick.” If a can of Illy espresso leaves the conveyor belt without being scanned, that’s called “the pass around.” “The switcheroo” is more labor-intensive: Peel the sticker off something inexpensive and place it over the bar code of something pricey. Just make sure both items are about the same weight, to avoid triggering that pesky “unexpected item” alert in the bagging area.

You know I never considered using this damn contraption to steal…..but I guess if you think like that then you will find a way….”where there is a will there is a way”…..

I guess I have done enough damage today so I will take my leave… well, be safe…..enjoy your day.  chuq

4 thoughts on “It Is Like Arguing With Yourself

  1. I never use self-scan, or self-checkout. When the supermarket ladies approach me and ask me to try it, I tell them “Don’t do this, just pretend you asked me. You will all soon have no jobs”. As for shoplifting, I used to know people who could steal anything to order. Even large electrical items like televisions were no problem. Clever thieves will always adapt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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