Dems Need To Stop Dreaming!

Surprise the Dems won an election in deep red state of Alabama and they won a few months back in Virginia and now they, Dems, are having visions of grandeur……that they can take back the House in 2018 and have a lock on winning in 2020…..please stop!

A Dem won in Alabama because black voters came out to vote and both black men and especially black women….whites went overwhelmingly for the child molester Moore….they, Dems, will not hold this state when re-election comes around for Jones the voter will revert to old habits.  Whites vote for the extreme and blacks will stay home…..that is unless the Dems have a message and then it is iffy at best.

A Dem won recently in Virginia…why?  I have no idea the only explanation I have is every voter was drunk….I live in Mississippi and could care less about Virginia.  But the Dem leadership is thump their chest like a crazed primate on  meth spouting all kinds of confidence that they have the message America has been waiting on….a “Better Deal” or  a NEW something…..they always have a “New” something.

The Dems are convincing themselves that they have the in-road to power covered….they are kidding themselves.

If they run on some scandal and the economy is booming…they will lose.

Dems missed a real opportunity to make good on their promise on a “Better Deal” with the recent tax bill…..they placated their wealthy donors at the expense of the poor and middle class.  Americans did not like the tax bill but instead of building on the dislike the Dems rolled over and crushed the middle class.  How can they in good conscience used the bill when passed as a recruiting tool when they would not take it on at the time.

Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president ever.  The Dems have jumped on this and started pushing their same line they always push….but this is not something they need to harp on for it could change on a dime and if they are all in it will come back and bite them in the ass.  Do not make a big deal out of this….a mention will suffice then move on.

The newest member of the Senate illustrates what is wrong with Democrats…..

Political conditions are looking extremely favorable for Democrats. In special and off-year elections across the country, they have drastically improved on Hillary Clinton’s margin almost everywhere — most astoundingly in Virginia, where Ralph Northam won the governorship by a comfortable 9 points, and in Alabama, where Doug Jones knocked off Roy Moore for the open Senate seat.

But over the weekend, both victors revealed the danger of milquetoast centrist liberalism at this moment in history. In an interview with The Washington Post, Northam seemingly discarded his campaignpromises to push for the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion, suggesting that it needs to have Republican-style means tests and work requirements instead. Jones, meanwhile, suggested that he might vote with the GOP, and said that it was time to put President Trump’s numerous sexual harassment and assault allegations behind us

But sadly I do not see them moving past the high dollar Democrat that Clinton brought into the party.  They need an economic message but not the one they have now….they are NO better than the GOP.  They have NO plan they have slogans…..

Site 538 takes a look at their chances in 2018……

After Democrat Doug Jones won a stunning victory in Alabama’s special election for the U.S. Senate last month, lots of smart people whose work I read and follow, such as The New York Times’s Nate Cohn, declared that the battle for Senate control in 2018 was a “toss-up.” Prediction markets largely concur; after Jones’s win, the betting odds of Democrats taking over the Senate shot up to about 45 percent.

I think this might be premature. Winning in Alabama certainly makes the Democrats’ path easier: They could now gain control of the Senate by retaining all of their own seats, plus picking up the Republican held-seats in purplish Nevada and Arizona. But they’re probably still the underdogs.

Dems need to do a lot more work……just my thought….anybody care to add anything?


7 thoughts on “Dems Need To Stop Dreaming!

  1. In most countries, these single-seat elections usually turn up surprises that have little relevance to the outcome in a national election. They need to forget being excited about those, and concentrate on getting a good candidate for the next presidential election, and some solid opposition policies too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. True….but with the way our states are set up the governor is an important position…..they do need some concrete positions and stop these fools errand with positions of fancy and not seriousness. chuq

  2. The Pussycrats couldn’t win if America was a one-party state (You mean, it isn’t one? ) and they were the only party.

    Even with all the demographics in their favour, even without Gerrymandering, even with a completely embarrassing clown-show of an opposition ….these fucktards could find a way to shoot themselves in their own nut-sacks and lose. And even when they “win”, they snatch defeat out of the hands of victory. (See: Obama’s 2 years of a Democratic Congress where they achieved virtually nothing.) They can really only win in places they can’t possibly lose in and even then… (See: Hillary losing to an orangutan in several key historically blue states.)

    The problem is that they sold their souls for power…and somehow didn’t even get that. Ever since the Free Trade Error started, the party has gotten further away from their own voting base every year. They spend all their time hanging with celebs and blowing millionaires for money. They’re so caught up in the DC point-scoring political boxing match that only benefits the political boxing mafia. They’re constantly chasing the 5-ish% of people who have somehow STILL have not figured out where their best interests lie. The Democrats are too Hollywood, too DC and too Wall St. If the Democrat HQ was in a place like Cleveland, Detroit, or Milwaukee, the Democrats might understand how badly they’ve fucked up and how EASY it was for them to win all along.

    I’ve been saying this for decades now, but they’re chasing the wrong people. Why spend all your time trying to score points and playing demographic/race-based version of RISK in order to squeak a victory over Republicans when NONE OF THE ABOVE whups both their asses EVERY election! It often beats their COMBINED score. It’s all about getting the “silent majority” of people so apathetic/marginalized/stupid they can’t even bother to mark a ballot once every 2-4 years. Meanwhile, millions of tech-addicted fucktards line-up for hours every time they release a new stupid-phone identical to the one that’s already in their hand. But they can’t be convinced to line up to vote for their future? As the Republicans have proved beyond a reasonable doubt, you can get enough fucktards to vote against their own best interests by just throwing them an occasional bone to win. Surely, its easier to get them to vote IN their own best interests.

    These recent electoral examples of victory-via-pure-turnout (plus Bernie, Trump & Obama) show how much electoral impact you can generate from just from winning over a SMALL percentage of the non-voting majority. Until the morons running the Democratic Party figure this out, they will ALWAYS lose, even when they win.

      1. My absence has been a combo of things. Most obviously, the (futile) attempt to clear my painful existence from the unending, torturous, insanity that’s life in the New Millennium. Second, my incomprehensibly unreliable Internet connection. It’s provided by one of the largest, most profitable, companies in all Canuckistan. But what other choice do I have? Four companies control 99.9% of ALL media outlets AND tele-communications here, right down to the weekly “small-town” newspapers. Their services ALL suck, yet cost about 10 times what they did 20-25 years ago. Third, with 78 stories posted a day, your website is a challenge to keep up with at the best of times. It’s like climbing Everest on your first day back from medical leave. Lucky for you, this is one of the few websites I’m still welcome on.

        But yeah…starting about 25-30 years ago, the Democrats became embarrassed to be Democrats and have done their best to (if not lose) win by the narrowest margins possible using the most un-democratic (big & small “d”) methods possible. They’re a total MeToo movement. Except for ONE important thing that they failed to copy the Republicans on.

        All they ever needed to do was appeal to their “base” rather than completely ignore them. And I just don’t see that changing.

      2. They lost a lot of people when they became just another high dollar party with Bill Clinton….my provider is getting unreliable also… far it has been an hour here an hour there…..but it is getting irritating….chuq

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