Reaganomics To The Rescue

Since the 1980’s Reaganomics has been the saving grace of the GOP…..they use clever propaganda to get the American people to believe the stupidity of trickle down economics or Reaganomics…tax cuts labeled tax reform that benefits few and those are the wealthy.

There is a good chance that all the hard work done by Repubs in 2017 may be for naught…..Reaganomics may not save the GOP this time…..

Republican hopes for holding control of Congress in the midterm elections hinge on the success of Reagan-style tax cuts and deregulation. However, without significant progress early this year on entitlements and infrastructure — with substantial focus on the chronic problems of rural communities and smaller cities — those policies may not prove to be enough.

During the Bush-Obama years, annual economic growth was only 1.8%, but the prosperity instigated by the expansion of financial services, biotechnology and digital industries was adequate to satisfy voters in the citadels of progressive thinking on the two coasts and among communities supported by major universities.

President Donald Trump won an unlikely victory in 2016 by energizing voters in the nation’s interior — places that fell victim to globalization and were left behind by the recent recovery.

2018 will be the tell of the tape…..will the economic double talk win the day?

Will Reagaomics save the GOP?

16 thoughts on “Reaganomics To The Rescue

  1. I suppose it is some sort of irony, that people are looking back to the presidency of the abysmal Ronald Reagan for some economic inspiration.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Trickle down still prevails even with Clinton and Obama. I remember in their co-commercials for Obamacare they said it is good because it would free this cost from employers to provide med care and they would use the money to expand and increase employees. No they did not do this. They increased profit margin and another step toward government based universal coverage passing cost to tax payers. Yet Obama and Clinton deny trickle down approach but proves they are liars. It does seem logical for employers to expand and hire more people as seems that would increase profits more than not investing and keeping profits due to cutbacks.

      1. So how do we get money into the hands of people/workers ? Seems the history of US capitalism and entrepreneurship is a matter of amassing wealth into the hands of the capitalists /industrialist/bankers and wages to people is a mere by-product. Then we can’t have a consumer driven economy without consumers and if workers are at a stinking $10 an hour they are not consumers beyond rent, household expenses and such. No new car, now new stove and certainly not a house. Seems capitalists would make more money by giving workers/consumers higher wages to buy more products. Or do they make more money by investing in non job producing entities say buying gold or real estate as simple examples. Thanks for reposting my cartoons on social media.

      2. You are welcome…..those need to be seen by as many others as possible….the Credit markets were to replace rises in income….the people live above their means until it collapses… American addiction…..c

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