Is It A One State Solution?

Just before Christmas our president recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel…..making good on the promises that he made to his bankers during his election…..and as one would expect the Palestinians did not find this announcement acceptable and violence has ensued.

It is time for a new beginning.

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital came as no surprise to most Palestinians, for, after all the US’ political backing and military funding of Israel is older than the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Trump’s decision, however, has exposed the “peace process” for the last time as a complete charade. It also exposed the Palestinian leadership as corrupt, subservient and politically bankrupt.

If the Palestinian leadership had a minimal degree of accountability, it would immediately undertake a total overhaul within its ranks and activate all Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) institutions, bring all factions together under the umbrella of the PLO and declare a unified strategy inspired by the aspirations and sacrifices of the Palestinian people.

Abbas is the leader of the PA and his tenure has been nothing but a hurry up ans wait strategy……a strategy that did nothing to further the plight of the Palestinian people……

When I first met Yasser Arafat in besieged Beirut, in the summer of 1982, Abu Mazen was not present. But when I met him again in Tunis, a few months later, he asked me to meet Abu Mazen, too.

Abu Mazen, it transpired, was the Fatah leader in charge of Israeli matters.

My first impression of Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) was that he was the exact opposite of Arafat. He looked like a schoolmaster.

Arafat was an outgoing type, who liked to embrace and kiss people and to establish close relations from the outset. Abu Mazen was much more reserved and withdrawn. Yet I liked his personality.

Even then, more than 35 years ago, he belonged to the first rank of the Fatah and PLO leadership, side by side with people like Abu Jihad (who was killed by Israel), Abu Iyad (who was killed by Palestinian extremists), Farouk Kaddoumi (who objected to Oslo and was excluded).

The whole peace process that has been debated for decades is about to slide into history…….

Since President Donald Trump declared that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the question has been whether this break with past American policy weakens or advances the cause of peace. A corollary to that question is whether the move effectively excludes Washington from the peace process.

For decades the solution that most parties worked for was a two state solution….but since Trump’s announcement that solution has been losing its luster…..and now the possibility of a one state solution is getting more popular…….

The Israeli right, emboldened by President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, is not the only faction arguing for a single state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Palestine Liberation Organization has also begun to ask whether that might not be such a bad idea, though it has a radically different view of what that state would look like.

As momentum ebbs for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, both sides are taking another look at the one-state idea. But that solution has long been problematic for both sides.

But there is a problem there also…..the one state solution would have to give the Palestinians full rights as citizens of Israel…..not happening for the Palestinian population is expanding faster than the Israeli and within a generation the Israelis would become a minority….the Israelis could not stand for that…..democracy is the last thing that Israel would want for the Palestinians…….

Full equality will not happen in Israel for Palestinians….and the possibility for a peaceful one state solution is dwindling…..Zionists will not accept Palestinians as equals.

Troops plan for peace in the region is to blackmail the Palestinians…..while allowing the Israelis to get away with murder (pun intended)…….

Then BiBi has a new plan …….

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahy was talking up what he’s calling a “new model” for a peace deal with the Palestinians, which appears to be his latest alternative to the two-state solution, which he once again refused to endorse.

Netanyahu complained he wanted to avoid “labels” by talking about two states, but set out a policy which is clearly well short of such a solution, offering to allow the Palestinians to have “the whole trappings of self-governance,” but with Israel maintaining formal control.

Eager to avoid labels, Netanyahu was a bit vague beyond Israel keeping total security control over Palestine permanently, but appears to be suggesting that they’d be allowed to have some measure of autonomy within Palestine as an Israeli-ruled territory.

There is nothing new about this plan……it is a plan to try and head off the BDS which is gaining support almost daily….it is a plan to throw cold water on criticism on the international stage……only friend Israel has is one that they paid for in political dollars….the US.

5 thoughts on “Is It A One State Solution?

    1. I feel it could be solved but there are a few that do not want it solved for the conflict has become an institution…..thanx and have a good Monday….chuq

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