Your Colon Is Calling

Back when I was growing up if I got sick my grandmother made sure that the colon was working…..she believed that a healthy colon was the key to good health….

After reading this report on some medical research may bear her belief out…..

It seems that there is a pill, an electronic pill, that can be swallowed and the research can be sent to your mobile phone….interesting….I can get all kinds of things on my mobile phone weather, stocks, news…..but info on my colon…now there is a new twist….excuse me I need to take this, my colon is calling.

An electronic gas-detecting pill could help in diagnosing gastrointestinal ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome.

Scientists from Melbourne’s RMIT University first unveiled their swallowable capsule early in 2015 in the hope it would it would help doctors work out what foods were problematic for their patients by detecting and measuring intestinal gases produced by gut bacteria.

Now they have released results from the first human trials of the capsule, which collects information about the gases and transmits it to a hand-held device and mobile phone for doctors to read.

At least it can be swallowed and not shoved up your butt…that is something……

Sunday and a good day for some wine and cheese….have a safe day and I will return tomorrow with lots more stuff….chuq

17 thoughts on “Your Colon Is Calling

    1. I see your grandmother had the same philosophy as mine…..a happy colon is a healthy colon….LOL….same to you and thanx for your visits…..chuq

  1. I don’t know. Thinking about my colon every 5 years when I get a colonoscopy is enough for me. I get enough crappy notifications on my phone. Sorry, couldn’t help myself… And yes, Raquel Welch was the 1st thing I thought of too when I saw that first comment. Be well!

    1. I like the idea of the mail-in poop sample in lieu of the one eyed snake…..thanx for your visit and hope to see you again….have a good Sunday….chuq

  2. When I was six or so, I apparently struck my mother as being a bit off. She asked if I’d had a bowel movement, terminology I didn’t understand. Well, I’d vomited three days earlier and told my mother I’d had one three days earlier, thinking maybe that was what she meant. Next thing I knew, I was stretched over her lap getting an enema. Yes, from that day forward I knew what a “bowel movement” was! LOL!

    As for colonoscopies, I was glad they gave me pills to take instead of the gallon of fluid. On the other hand, my procedure was in a regional hospital an hour’s drive away, and I was anxious the whole time over because I was riding in a friend’s brand new all white SUV since I, of course, couldn’t drive after the colonoscopy.

    1. That mail-in poops pretty accurate so the procedure is not needed unless the sample comes back negative…..a disgusting way to go but a lot less uncomfortable…LOL Have a good Sunday my friend….chuq

      1. No probe is appreciated…LOL I hear aliens do a lot of anal probing….are they a race of proctologists….LOL chuq

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