Closing Thought–05Feb18

Does everyone remember the promises of the campaign?  Of course not……if they did then Trump would be less popular than he is….but that aside…..does the reader remember all the promises of the return of American business from overseas?

The promise was that he, Trump, would make it such a positive business environment that those American companies would come streaming back…..

Harley-Davidson has crapped on that promise……

The iconic American motorcycle maker was part of President Donald Trump’s focus on U.S. manufacturing in the early days of his administration. Executives visited the White House in February to meet with Trump, who thanked Harley-Davidson “for building things in America.” But even Harley-Davidson had a manufacturing footprint overseas, and the Milwaukee-based company says the facility in Thailand will improve its ability to serve markets where demand is on the rise.

Harley-Davidson said the move will not impact its U.S. factories.

“Will not impact American factories”…..then why is the factory in Kansas City being closed?

Just asking?

Have a good evening…..peace out my friends…..chuq

7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Feb18

  1. Look behind the headlines, and I suspect some wealthy Americans have investments in that Thailand factory. Or am I just too cynical?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. O.K., so Harley Davidson is out of the loop but there are at least 10 American Companies you haven’t touched upon who have taken action or announced plans to either bring more jobs back to America from overseas or to hire substantially more American Workers and those 10 companies include: Bayer, Amazon, Ford, IBM, Walmart, Sprint, Lockheed Martin and Hyundai. Nice try there, Chuq —- but not enough information!

    1. Always….how about all the jobs at Carrier that are not being saved…..Ford is not bringing their Mexican factory home….Amazon is going overseas….nice try their John….it is BS

      1. There is some possibility that both our presentations might contain a certain degree of BS seeing as how it is entirely impossible to believe much of anything that is presented for our academic/intellectual consumption these days. I will settle for hearing the individual stories of affected workers and when I do that I hear a mixture of doom and gloom and exultation.

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