Kasserine Pass

It is that time again when the old professor gives up a history lesson for all to try and ignore.

The Winter of 1942 was when the US entered into the shooting part of the war.

My interest is because my uncle and my father were part of this historical event…..This is when the US came face to face with Rommel and his Afrika Corps…..and it was not very pretty…..

Beware a Desert Fox when he’s cornered.

It was North Africa, in the winter of 1943, and American soldiers were feeling cocky as they prepared for their first ground battle against the Germans in World War II. So far, it hadn’t been a bad war for the U.S. Army. The GIs were well fed, well paid and well equipped, especially compared to their threadbare and envious British allies. Even better, their baptism by fire had been to splash ashore in Algeria and Morocco in November 1942, where the defenders had been unmotivated Vichy French soldiers who soon capitulated.


As I said it is a personal account for me…..my uncle and later my father were in North Africa…..my uncle was with the First Division and my father a little later with the Army Air Corps…..

This was the US first ass kicking of World War Two…..a learning experience and we know how the war turned out, right?

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