Profiles In Cowardice

Have you heard the term “purge” used so much here in the US?  It was a term used by Stalin to rid himself of all those people that did not show proper loyalty to Fearless leader.  And now it is being used by the treacherous foot soldiers of Donald Trump…..member of Congress who swore an oath to protect the Constitution not a person.

I have always thought most of the American politicians were cowards….but since January these people give a whole new definition to the term.

The fate of nations often comes down to the choices made by a handful of individuals at a particular moment in history. Today, the United States is facing just such a moment. What a handful of individual Republicans decide will shape the future not just of the country, but of democracy itself.

Modern history is littered with similarly pivotal choices, for better or worse. A century ago, the Russian Revolution came down to a showdown between the iron will of Vladimir Lenin and the indecisiveness of Alexander Kerensky, who ended up sneaking out of Saint Petersburg to escape the Bolsheviks.–khrushcheva-2017-12

There has been a flow about our politics that has made party more important than country… has been brewing for decades but finally came to a head with the election of a new president.

The Congress is proving that traitors are in the government and not in the streets…..all Americans should be wary of anyone that uses the term “purge” when talking about the government and its institutions.  They should label the traitors as such especially when they are going against the oath to protect the country from enemies both foreign and domestic and those enemies are found within the Congress.


8 thoughts on “Profiles In Cowardice

  1. Can you believe all this, chuq…. his tweets are worse all over, now this book comes out, Bannon has run amok… Congress is quiet… when is this crap gonna stop, my friend? There are actually some fellow Americans who still support this guy.

    1. The GOP are cowards and in 2019 they find their spine but I would not hold my breath…..and I question the loyalty to country of anyone that supports Trump and I mean anyone…..hope you had a good holiday …..chuq

  2. Purges are indeed a hallmark of a totalitarian regime. From Stalin to Hitler, Mao to Pol Pot , they all enjoyed a good purge. Nothing new there of course, it was the same with Ancient Rome, Persia, and the Ottoman Empire too. When in doubt- purge!
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. That was an interesting historical article indeed. I have always thought that the problem with revolution is how to stop it continuing. Once the government had been formed, and the civil war won, the new Soviet Union was faced with the prospect of ongoing revolution, that much-quoted ‘revolution without end’, a conflict that never stops. Eventually, a harsh bureaucratic regime was the only way to enforce some stability. Rule by the workers and soldiers bordered on anarchy, and would almost certainly have floundered, unable to withstand extrnal pressures, and lack of leadership.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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