Telling Good Guys From Bad Guys

Another Sunday and we see the sun for the first time in about a week…..I think I will go outside for awhile and enjoy a mild day……

AS per my tradition I try to post on something that has little to do with the horrid news of the day….in case you missed it…..the government has been shut down and the blame game abounds…it is all so much crap especially from the GOP but do not count the Dems out they are capable of being worthless as well.

Not much more will have legs in the MSM for awhile……


Have you ever noticed that in kids cartoons the bad guys seem to always have an accent…..why is that?

When the sociolinguist Calvin Gidney saw The Lion King in theaters two decades ago, he was struck by the differences between Mufasa and Scar. The characters don’t have much in common: Mufasa is heroic and steadfast, while Scar is cynical and power-hungry. But what Gidney noticed most was how they each spoke: Mufasa has an American accent, while Scar, the lion of the dark side, roars in British English. In a climactic scene in which Scar accuses Simba of being the “murderer!” responsible for Mufasa’s death, the final “r” in his declaration floats up into a sky bursting with lightning, and it’s hard to imagine it sounding quite as monstrous in another tone.

Gidney, an associate professor in child study and human development at Tufts University who specializes in sociolinguistics, saw Scar’s accent as part of a disturbing pattern in the film: Foreign accents and non-standard dialects were being used to voice all of the “bad” characters. Gidney also noticed that Scar’s minions, the hyenas, spoke in either African American English or English with a Spanish accent. Gidney found this trend concerning, especially since the theme of the movie could be described as “the ‘natural order of things,’” he said. “I thought it was really disturbing that it was necessary to ‘take back the jungle’ from the British-sounding evil lion, plus the African American-sounding and Latino-sounding hyenas.”

Enough of the worthless stuff…..I’m off like a dirty shirt….see you guys tomorrow….chuq