Closing Thought–30Jan18

I am out of the OR and seem to be recovering just fine…….

For years since the advent of the flying brick, F-35 which was scheduled to replace the A-10 as a close combat aircraft, I have been writing trying to help save the A-10 and looks like all our efforts have paid off.

The ‘Hogs will be getting a re-wing to keep them flying for another 15 to 20 years……

The Air Force is moving ahead with plans to re-wing several squadrons of A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft in fiscal years 2018 and 2019, and intends to maintain the platforms through the 2030s, the commander of Air Combat Command said Jan. 25.

Funds are available in the current budget to allow the service to reopen a wing contract, Gen. James “Mike” Holmes said during remarks at the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. The previous contract ended due to cost issues, among other reasons, he noted.

“It was a contract that was no longer really cost-effective for Boeing to produce wings,” he said. “Now we’re working through the process of getting another contract.”

Small steps to keep the A-10 flying in close support of our overworked troops.

SOTU–Rigged Economy

Sorry to say that I am in the hospital and did not (would not) watch the SOTU speech by Pres. Trump…..of course the only positive thing that he, Trump, has to regale the country with his his economic policies….

The only people that will reap the benefits of the Trump economic policies is the wealthy…..the GOP will thump their chest over the pittance that the middle class will get for the next 5 years and nothing will be said about the wealthy permanent benefits….but what the Hell he gotta have something to bullsh*t the unwashed masses with, right?

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Donald Trump is sure to point to stock indexes and other positive economic indicators as evidence of a “Trump boom.” But to the extent that middle-class and working families are doing better economically, it is not because of Trump or his policies; rather, it is in spite of them. Instead of fighting for American workers, as he promised to do during his presidential campaign, Trump has sought in numerous ways to disempower them.

The Trump administration’s fiscal policies are redistributing income and wealth upward through massive new tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy, which come at the expense of middle-class and low-income Americans and investments in key economic priorities such as infrastructure. And by ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative, the administration has thrown the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people—who, with DACA, have been able to get better- and better-paying jobs, buy houses and cars, and make significant economic contributions to the nation as a whole—into chaos.

All in all….I am glad that I was on pain meds after the surgery topped me from watching the most boring of evenings.

Under The Knife

I am a political wonk….I truly love keeping up with current events…..but I am so weary of this president and his supporters that I scheduled a surgical procedure on the day of the SOTU speech so I do not have to listen to Trump’s silly words.

But of course I will have something to say even if I do not appreciate the president much……

Now to flesh out this post…….

Back in October of 2017 I had surgery that left me with 4 toes short of a full set.  After the torture of hyperbarics for a month they tell me that I need yet another surgery….they say it is minor but I feel that if I am under the influence and laid out on a table then it is not all that minor.

So sadly I will not be posted as much as I usually do plus I will be posted from my Smartphone which is a major pain in the ass.

Just wanted to let my readers know that small amount of posts is not me losing interest in my blog but rather a medical necessity at least according to my doctor.

Please bear with me and keep your fingers crossed and I shall return to full form as soon as possible.

Hopefully everyone will have a good day.