Screw The Vet As Usual

All the vets that have put their trust in the Trump admin need to step back and prepare for the screwing that is coming…..

Trump told a massive lie to America’s veterans on Monday as he promised them great healthcare as he is moving behind the scenes to privatize the VA.

The President tweeted:

We will not rest until all of America’s GREAT VETERANS can receive the care they so richly deserve. Tremendous progress has been made in a short period of time. Keep up the great work @SecShulkin@DeptVetAffairs! 

Here is what is really going on according to The Wall Street Journal:

David Shulkin said in an interview that he wants to make the VA’s hospital system compete with private-sector providers for military veteran customers, which he said would give veterans greater choice over their health care.


“The direction I’m taking this is to give veterans more choice in their care,” Dr. Shulkin said, speaking from his office, “and be the decision maker for their care, which I fundamentally believe is a concept that has to be implemented.”

Trump is trying to take away healthcare from veterans who have risked their lives and their health for their country. The Trump tweet should sound familiar because it is the same language that he used before he tried to take healthcare away from 32 million Americans by repealing Obamacare. The Republican dream has been to privatize the VA and replace free healthcare for veterans with a capped voucher that they can use at private medical facilities.

Veterans were promised health care in exchange for their service, but Donald Trump is trying to break that promise with a privatization scheme to benefit the wealthy.

Our vets deserve better, and they should stand up, speak out, and let Trump know that they won’t allow him to steal their healthcare.


I do not understand the loyalty that wets show this lying toad that has NEVER cared one iota about their health or the families……they still slither along with the head reptile.



6 thoughts on “Screw The Vet As Usual

  1. Whenever a politician states that they are going to give you ‘greater choice’, you can rest assured that they are doing exactly the opposite.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes, Pete! The same when they are speaking about more freedom for the citizens. Since 2003 here in Germany we have three or much more “markets” for laborers. Why not privatize the politics?

  2. It would be better if we could have some kind of information that would help us understand exactly what it is the Trump Administration wants to do in their privatization scheme and how big the “Cap” on care would be. I think some privatization might not be such a bad idea because as it stands the VA is filled with doctors who are too old to cut the mustard, some of them cannot be certified outside the system, some of them have extensive histories of complaints and suits against them in their private practices, a lot of them are just on the VA Staff to make their computer entries and to collect their paychecks … none of them can be held accountable (By Law they cannot) if they make medical mistakes …The care they get from VA doctors is often lax, delayed, disinterested — Maybe we need some privatization ….some accountability — I have used the Veterans’ Choice Program myself and the service I received from my private-sector hospital physician was top notch …. the only drawback is that my “Choice” doctor dumped me because the VA either took too long to pay him or hasn’t paid him yet — or something — There was a big flap about this some time ago. No matter what, the privatization is going to happen anyway because the VA system is too far overburdened and the Congress keeps on making new patients with their endless wars … something has to give somewhere.

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