A World War Two ‘What If’

From time to time I will write a ‘what if’ post about some historical event…..I even find others that think about history in a ‘what if’ frame of mind…..

I read a ‘what if’ in “The National Interest” there’s is a WW2 ‘what if’…..I thought that since I had been neglectful with my history posts I would post this…..

What if Germany had never declared war on the United States during World War II?

Scholars and analysts have long wondered whether this represented one of the great “what-ifs” of World War II; could the Germans have kept the United States out of the war, or at least undercut popular support for fighting in the European Theater, by declining to join the Japanese offensive?


These ‘what if’ posts are just fun to imagine what would have changed if anything, if events had taken a different path.


5 thoughts on “A World War Two ‘What If’

  1. An interesting ‘what if’ of course, but unlikely to have had any effect on the US being dragged into the war against Germany eventually. The economic boost of war production might have driven America to get involved, as well as German ‘moral support’ for the Japanese actions in the Pacific theatre. Then there is the large Jewish population in your country, they would surely have insisted on fighting the Germans.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The US was already making millions off the sale of weapons and stuff to the UK…I think if Japan had stayed home then they would have been entering even later….I say around 1944…..chuq

  2. We were pretty far down the “isolationist” rabbit hole and I doubt we would have entered the war without Germany declaring war on the US. The war effort, supporting other countries, was quickly pulling the country out of the Great Depression as well. Germany made a fatal decision to declare war on the US, just one of the many poor decisions that made them lose the war. A more interesting “what if” is what this country would have been like if it never entered into WWII. Would the Korean or Vietnam War have happened?

    1. I think Korea would have happened….Vietnam is a question…..I think we would have had to enter even though we were making lots off the sale of ordinance and other staples…..but eventually we would have had to go for it…..chuq

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