To Hate All Things Trump

How many Americans hate everything Fearless Fosdick does?  Well we know those few die hard Trump-ites will see everything this bozo does through rose colored glasses even when he nails them without the use of vasoline…..

But could there be a down side to hating his policies and his actions?

Donald Trump’s utterly appalling presidency somehow hit a new low on Wednesday, when he retweeted a British fascist (who has been charged with “causing religiously aggravated harassment“) who had posted videos of Muslims, especially immigrant ones, supposedly committing crimes. The clear and obvious intent was to whip up hatred by holding 1.8 billion people responsible for the alleged crimes of individual Muslims. (In at least one of the videos the perpetrator was not even a migrant, as the tweet had said.) In terms of racist hatemongering, it is in all important respects identical to the Nazi “Der Jude” posters.

The president of the United States boosting this diseased racist propaganda quite understandably taints everything else he says and does. However, even this galling behavior doesn’t mean that President Trump’s views are 100 percent bad all the time. Similarly, the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend — and it’s important not to side with bad actors just because they happen to fall afoul of the president’s meandering, addle-brained resentments.

The truth is that there was a time when there were a few of his policies that I could get behind…..but those days are long gone…..for I see or hear nothing that I would follow for any reason….unlike the GOP that will lick his boots for a political win now and then.


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