5 Greatest Foreign Policy Presidents

Yep my friends that time again…..Professor’s Classroom is in session.

This time we will talk about the best foreign policy presidents in our history.

The American Conservative rates the best foreign policy presidents, the 5 best, now I do not agree and will explain why after you read the article…..

The American president is the individual primarily responsible for the United States’ foreign policy. While the president divvies up domestic issues with Congress and the states, the Constitution gives the president broad power to command the armed forces, make treaties, and appoint diplomats. Furthermore, in accordance with the War Powers Resolution of 1973, the president can deploy troops for up to 60 days without congressional approval.

In this author’s view, a good foreign policy is one that serves America’s interests, that is, the security of the nation and the prosperity of its people, and a good American foreign policy president is one who understanding this, acts according, rather than pursuing idealistic fantasies. America’s interests change in different times and places, so realism means different things to different presidents, and encompasses a broad range of policies. But realism does not mean an open-ended war on a strategy, terrorism, nor does it mean constant interventionism aimed at changing the domestic institutions of other countries. Of course, the United States can still serve as an exemplar for other countries.


I disagree on several levels….Lincoln had no foreign policy to speak of, TR was good tactician but not in foreign policy and Nixon should be eliminated because of Vietnam if for on other reason.

I think that FDR should be there while I may not agree with some of his decisions he still had foreign policy chops……lastly I think Carter should be on that list….yes he had some set backs with the Iranian situation…he is the closest that peace has ever been in the Holy Land….who knows what would have happened if he had been re-elected.

That is my take on the best foreign policy presidents….would you care to take a stab at it?


3 thoughts on “5 Greatest Foreign Policy Presidents

  1. I could agree with Adams, who was overshadowed, and his successes sometimes forgotten. And I think FDR did well during the war years, keeping the Allies happy. Since then, I doubt any president had a foreign policy that was not about fighting Communism anywhere it could be found, or promoting American expansionism anywhere they could get away with it. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I still think that the Israel-Palestinian thing could be in better shape if Crater could have had another 4 years…..he gets a bad rap because of 1979 and Iran….chuq

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