Note: Before a reader gets his.her hackles up….read the posts then make your case….thanx…..chuq

We have had another horrific shooting this time in a church setting in Texas…..and as usual it is too early to have a conversation about these guns and the fools that use them to destroy life and cause panic.

But it is time for a realistic conversation about gun control….I am not talking about confiscating guns……I am speaking about the use of assault weapons by civilians to cause mayhem and kill indiscriminately.

But we have to get past the mentality of God–Country–Guns….

Yesterday, I saw a sticker on a pickup truck that read “God, Country, Guns.”  To me, that sticker made as much sense as “God, Country, Hammers” or “God, Country, Bicycles.”  A gun is just that: a tool, an object, like a hammer or a bicycle, only much more dangerous in the wrong hands.

But many Americans don’t look at guns as tools, as objects, as a deadly technology that requires great care and also strict regulations.  They identify it with God and Country.  They see it as representing certain values, such as freedom and liberty and individuality.  For some men, guns are synonymous with masculinity.  They are symbols of potency.  Of agency.  They are worthy of protection, indeed of a lifelong vow, ’til death do us part.  Hence the catchphrase, “you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”


Before any one has a fit….I own guns and I believe that all Americans have the right to own guns….just that the population does not need assault weapons….these weapons are for warfare not preventive maintenance of the household.

NRA needs to instigate these talks….it would look better for them in the media….but they will not for they work for the gun lobby not the membership……

A recent article……

In the aftermath of a shooting, there’s always a heated debate about guns in our country—one often fraught with bombast and vitriol. The high tension and emotion make sense: shooter Devin Kelley’s attack on congregants at Sutherland Springs’ First Baptist Church this past Sunday ended with 26 dead and 20 wounded. But all too often, our debates following such carnage result in little other than deeper division and venom between left and right.

Much of this vitriol stems from widely differing perceptions of the gun between these two circles. On the right, a gun is not always viewed as just another weapon. It’s often seen as a symbol: of resistance to tyranny, of autonomy and self-sufficiency, and even of traditionalism or groundedness. A plethora of pro-gun, Second Amendment-touting bumper stickers abound on the internet, as well as t-shirts, hats, and mugs. All of them hint at a libertarian individualism, a savvy self-determination that transcends what’s popular or “safe.”


Excellent points if one would look at the situation calmly…….but that is too far from reality for when the subject is brought up it takes on a life of its own…..people are dying…..maybe now would be good time to face reality.


9 thoughts on “God–Country–Guns

  1. Owning a gun is a right granted to every American in the Constitution. Guns 241 years ago did not include fully-automatic assault rifles that can spray a 30-clip in under 10 seconds. What is often not discussed or even acknowledged is the responsibility that comes with owning a gun. I own guns as well, but can’t even imagine a moment where I would need anything close to an assault rifle while living in a civilized society governed by laws. I treat my guns with the appropriate level of respect they demand. I conduct myself when carrying in such a way that never dismisses that respect. Make no mistake though, if put into a situation where drawing was necessary, I am prepared to take what action is necessary. In my case, a situation that has escalated to that level, you can bet that every other means of deterrent has been exercised and failed.

    Much like having to spend hours learning how to drive a car before licensed to drive, I feel that you should have something similar in place to be licensed to own a gun. The right to bear arms is too vague and there should be laws in place that allow that to happen that puts some hoops in the way to jump through. I spent quite a lot of time and money to reach my current level of proficiency (2″ center spread at 30 yards). The purchase of the gun took a mere 2 days and did not require any type of training or requisite hours of practice. It’s not gun control to have these requirements in place, it’s gun responsibility. They are not the same. Only the ones that can’t get through the hoops would be bitching and complaining and they’re probably the ones we don’t want owning guns in the first place. I call that a win-win.

    1. I agree with everything you wrote….there should be a certain amount of training and respect for the gun….too many just like having guns with no responsibility…..chuq

  2. This is all a mystery to me, as I live in a country where it is illegal to own any handguns or rifles, except for some hunting weapons and shotguns, though they are heavily restricted. People here are rarely shot, it has to be said. (Except for the occasional gangland shooting, or being shot by armed police)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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