Operation Torch

What is Operation Torch?

My uncle was part of this…..it was the US and allied landing in North Africa, 1942.

I apologize for I was going to post this on the day it happened, 08 November, but as usual I got sidetracked by medical stuff….

My uncle Bill was part of this landing he was assigned to Big Red One…the US Army’s First Division.

Wednesday, Nov. 8 marks the 75th anniversary of the North Africa landings by Allied forces during World War II. The 1942 landings, which constituted America’s first operation fighting Germans in the European theater, protected assets and territory around the Mediterranean and served as the launching point for the Sicilian and Italian invasions the following year.

What many do not appreciate is that U.S. military guidance at the time advocated against the landings. The joint chiefs were overruled by President Franklin D Roosevelt, who was concerned about the domestic political implications of delaying an invasion after the November congressional elections.  Archival evidence from the Roosevelt Presidential Library, Secretary of War Henry Stimson’s diaries, and oral histories given by Army Chief of Staff George Marshall reveal that domestic political priorities shaped—in fact, drove—the American president’s decision-making about military operations in 1942.


My uncle fought through North Africa and on to Sicily and onto the Italian mainland…..where he was wounded at Monte Casino  while assigned to 1st Special Service Force…..

I post this in his memory……I miss you Uncle Bill.


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