A Brief Dictionary Of The US Far Right

From time to time IST offers up a “Public Service Post”.

This is one of those times.

If a reader is a political wonk then they from time to time will visit a “Far Right” site to see what the other half of the GOP is doing and saying.

I am sure that while reading they may have run into some words or phrases that may not be familiar…..so to help out I offer this brief dictionary to help those people understand those on the “Far Right”.

Phrases like “electric Jew” or “cuckservatives”or “red pill” or “we wuz kangs”…..to mention only a few…..but now you can be “hip” to the lingo of the Right……

Yet, long before the far right was flooding the streets of cities and towns across the US, the movement was building itself up on social media, online forums and in private chatrooms.

Much of the online lingo these groups employ is hard to decipher. Far-right users on Twitter and Facebook often speak in code, using an elaborate concoction of slang, coded language, memes and irony.

Source: A brief dictionary to help understand the US far right | Racism | Al Jazeera

Go forth and write!


3 thoughts on “A Brief Dictionary Of The US Far Right

  1. A tragic collection of hate terms indeed. I can never understand why the waving of Nazi WW2 flags is allowed. So many Americans fought and died to defeat the Germans from 1941-1945, doing this is a disgrace to their memory.
    Regards, Pete.

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