Will Dems Feel The Pain?

The Dems have been on a vision quest to find a message for the upcoming mid-terms…….right now they have nothing but slogans….maybe they think because one person can win with mindless slogans that it will work them as well.

Appears the health care is the proving ground for the next election……the progressive wing of the DNC is pushing for all to recognize and get behind a Medicare for all provision.

House and Senate Democrats have wondered for months whether Bernie Sanders’ supporters might choose to focus their energy on launching primary challenges to party moderates in 2018. They’re about to get an answer.

Sanders has decided the moment is right to launch his proposal for the single-payer health insurance system that helped form the backbone of his presidential message. And Democrats who don’t get behind it could find themselves on the wrong side of the most energetic wing of the party — as well as the once and possibly future presidential candidate who serves as its figurehead.

Source: Sanders ‘litmus test’ alarms Democrats – POLITICO

I see that the normally liberal media is jumping on the DNC to try and prevent it from moving more Left than they are now….

Thirty Democrats disillusioned with their party’s struggles in Middle America have unveiled a new group aimed at expanding its base beyond just the two coasts. The initiative, which comprises current and former mayors, governors, cabinet members and lawmakers, comes complete with a catchy new title, “New Democracy.”

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it was the same as that given by Mao Zedong to his theory of democracy in communist China.  (of course it does not sound familiar because no one remembers that far back….but it makes for a great political attack)

“In a word, new-democratic culture is the proletarian-led, anti-imperialist and anti-feudal culture of the broad masses,” Mao wrote on New Democracy in 1940, nine years before coming to power in China.

Source: Democrats new slogan borrows from communist China

A shame when even a liberal media would use such yellow tactics against the Dems…..but their efforts may be a moot point….for you see the DSA is making headway against these cowards in the DNC……

The Democratic Socialists of America are meeting there this week as part of the group’s biannual convention. In the wake of a surge of new interest over the past year, the organization announced earlier this week that it now has 25,000 dues-paying members — a historic peak for the group that makes it the largest socialist organization in the country since World War II.

David Duhalde, DSA’s Deputy Director, was brought on by the organization in 2015. He told The Intercept that shortly before the November election, the organization had between 7,000 to 8,000 members. On November 9, they started seeing supporters of Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential run and others flooding into DSA.

Source: Democratic Socialists of America Celebrate Record Membership in Chicago. Now What?

I for one think that this turn is for the best…..time for the DNC to return to being where it belongs….with the working class.

So the question is….will the Dems return to being the party of working America or will they stay in the lane with big money?

What say you?


17 thoughts on “Will Dems Feel The Pain?

  1. Good question.. and honestly I have no idea who even makes that decision nor how some platform might be presented for approval with the rank and file. Beats me. But, yeah.. you’d think they’d go back to the traditional working class.

    Now… according to Fareed Zakaria on his CNN special, since the Clinton Administration there has been a noticable increase in a so-called “professional class” of educated middle class that once were the broader working middle class. These are doctors, lawyers, etc. The speculation exists that the working middle class don’t like the professional class because the professionals are always telling the working class what to do.. i.e. they are the bosses at work, doctors telling them how to stay healthy, lawyers telling them what they should and should not do to avoid litigation, etc. My point here is that if the so-called working class has been diluted with other sub-classes the dems will have to cater to them as well. So if there’s some favor to return to a traditional working class party they better make sure they’ve identified it first because it’s not traditional anymore.

  2. I doubt that your Democrats will move any further to the Left. I also find it most amusing, if not hilarious, that they are considered to be on ‘The Left’ in the first place.
    The British love the class system, and have been adapting it constantly. We undeniably cling to our class designation, however our lives differ from the definition. Despite being retired, and owning my own home, I would always consider myself to be a part of the ‘working class’, and from a poor background.
    Wealth never equates with class here, and ‘new money’ is looked down upon. No matter how rich you are, you cannot buy class. That’s why someone like Trump would never do well in politics here, as he has no ‘class’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Trump is killing the GOP and the Dems are killing the DNC…that leaves room for organizations like DSA to find an opening…while they are not a hard Left they are progressive and that is what this country needs. chuq

  3. Despite Trumps low rating I think the dems will continue to lose ground. Bernie and Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) are championing extreme ideas of left, Hollywood agenda, promoting identity politics = polarization and yet call Trump racist and sickening PC that “normal” people of democratic party have no choice but to move right. This is certainly happening to me even as an already conservative republican.

    1. Until they take profit out of elections then we will continue to have the “best government money can buy”…until Trump there was a breeze of difference between the 2 parties now we have a widening divide that will play in the next election…..I do not see that some of their ideas are extreme at all and identity politics are always there if you want them to be. chuq

  4. I think the moderates are out there with no place to go. We are sick to death of Fascist Trumpers and nauseated with ultra liberal nonsense. Perez was a huge mistake by the DNC. They could not have made it more clear that they are floundering. They better get there act together. Trump is destroying our very foundation. Sanders will never be president but he has a few good ideas.

  5. The way things are going now, it’s going to feel damned uncomfortable for the more history-minded. I had a brief flash while reading this of 1930s Germany and who was in the ring? Social Democrats and the Nazis. Well, we’ve already got the Nazis running around…oh boy.

      1. I think it is because we do not have time to digest an idea before we move on to another and another….our thought process is not adequately in place….chuq

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