IST Asshat “Assie” Award–Aug 2017

The last Sunday of the month and time for IST to award its “Assie”….

The winner for the month of August 2017 is the preacher Pat Robertson…..



Mr. Robertson has won this award under another incarnation the “Anal-ocity Award”….. but this will be his first award as the “Asshat” Award….


Fox News host Eric Bolling has been suspended from his job for allegedly sending photos of his genitals to multiple female coworkers, but televangelist Pat Robertson believes that it is all part of a big conspiracy to bring down the right-wing cable news station.

Via Mediaite, Robertson this week went to bat for Bolling, whom he described as a “straight arrow” who could never be guilty of the actions he’s been accused of committing.

“He was on this program, he’s a dedicated Catholic, goes to mass every day, very nice man,” Robertson said of Bolling. “They’ve pulled him off the air because someone sent some pictures ostensibly over his name.”

Seriously?  He was framed?

MY thought is…yeah there have been NO Catholics that have been known to do stuff like this….Catholics are not capable of such degenerative acts.

A copy of this post will be sent to his offices with a congratulatory note….

By winning this month he will be in the running for the annual Asshat Award to be given in December 0f 2017.