That Russian Hack

I could be making an observation about the leader of Russia….but in this case I am referencing the alleged cyber hack on the 2016 elections.

There has been lots in the news about what some perceive as Russian interference in the American election…..there are always pros and cons on this incident.

All US intel agencies seem to agree that the Russians did deliberately hack our election and the process…..

However there are few that do not see it the way the intel people see it…..

In 2003, when a number of former intelligence professionals formed a group to protest the way intelligence was bent to accuse Iraq of producing weapons of mass destruction, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote a sympathetic column quoting the group’s members. In 2017, you won’t read about this same group’s latest campaign in the big U.S. newspapers.

The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) have been investigating the now conventional wisdom that last year’s leaks of Democratic National Committee files were the result of Russian hacks. What they found instead is evidence to the contrary.

Source: Why Some U.S. Ex-Spies Don’t Buy the Russia Story – Bloomberg

Keep in mind that this story pertains to the hack….has little to do with the investigation into the money trail left behind by some of the people involved with the Trump campaign.

This story should no way be seen as a crapping on the other investigations going on over the 2016 election season.

Sorry I had to be redundant but there was going to be someone that equates the two investigations as one.


3 thoughts on “That Russian Hack

  1. I have read about this until it made my head spin, but I don’t get it. If the Russians did this to manipulate Trump, it doesn’t appear to have worked, at least not from where I’m sitting.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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