Closing Thought–24Aug17

Another Brick In The Wall!

Soon we will be having the usual debate on the extension of the government so there will be NO shutdown, which most know is NOT a good thing, it is however a great slogan and political theater….

Pres. Trump’s pet issue is the building of the Great Wall of Mexico…..and NOTHING has changed….he still is using it to gin up his base…….

President Trump was speaking in Reno Wednesday even as the assessment continued over his Tuesday night rally in Phoenix. In Arizona, he didn’t just vent about the media, he also made headlines on multiple policy fronts. Among other things, he renewed his push for a border wall in a big way. “If we have to close down that government, we are going to build that wall,” he told cheering supporters. The issue is expected to come to a head during budget negotiations in September, with Politico reporting that Trump has been telling advisers he won’t accept any deal unless it contains “real money” to start construction. “He is animated about the wall,” one source tells the website. “He cares about that more than many other things. He knows his base cares and chants about it.”

Is he truly willing to shutdown the government unless he gets the funds for his “Big Beautiful Wall?”

But I thought Mexico was going to pay for it….is our check in the mail?

What kinda of mindless droid would destroy the government on something as worthless as his “Big Beautiful Wall”?

Thursday is at an end….time to slink back into the crypt and prepare for tomorrow’s stuff……be well, be safe…..chuq

Crisis In The Making

Hardly a day will go by that does not have some new conflict in its infancy….the world is at a slow simmer….but how long will that last before the boiling stage erupts? chuq

Gulf South Free Press

With the events in India taking front stage….I wrote about the situation on my other blog, In Saner Thought…….in case you may have been busy and missed the piece……

Source: The Mysterious Sub-Continent – In Saner Thought

The subject is so interesting that I felt the need to write two op-eds on the subject…..well at least to me…..

We have the battle against ISIS…..we have North Korea flexing its muscle…..the world seems to be in turmoil……conflict upon conflict….but here is one that is so far being done under the radar of the news…..this conflict pits India against China…..a conflict that has been a sore spot since the 60’s….

Sino-China Conflict…….was a war between China and India that occurred in 1962. A disputed Himalayan border was the main pretext for war, but other issues played a role. There had been a series of violent border incidents after the 1959 Tibetan uprising

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The Day They Redrew Europe

Note:  This post was suppose to be on 23 August but I got side-tracked with the president’s speech in Phoenix that I let it slip my mind….sorry about that……a day late…..

History is the looking at facts and seeing how they could effect the future by studying the past.

78 years ago the countries of Germany and Russia came to a deal that would redraw the map of Europe…..the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact…..23Aug1939………

A world slipping ever closer toward war awoke on the morning of August 24, 1939 to the shocking news that Adolf Hitler’s Germany and Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union had signed a nonaggression pact.

Hitler was beaming when his foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, returned from Moscow with the agreements in hand.

“The name of party comrade von Ribbentrop, as [German] Reich foreign minister, will be forever associated with the political rise of the Germans and the German nation,” he declared.

Source: Molotov-Ribbentrop: The Night Stalin And Hitler Redrew The Map Of Europe

Just a few short days later…Germany invaded Poland to start World War 2.

Even 78 years later the legacy of that Pact still haunts Eastern Europe…..

Valentins Trojans remembers the marauding bands of Red Army soldiers going from farmhouse to farmhouse in his rural Latvia, looting watches, shoes, and clothing.

Harijs Ruks recalls being interrogated by a sadistic Soviet officer who kicked him brutally with steel-toed boots.

And Elza Burkite recollects how occupying Russian forces seized a young mother, whose son had vanished into the Latvian forests to join up with anti-Soviet partisans.

Source: Molotov-Ribbentrop: In Eastern Europe, Pact’s Bitter Legacy Remains

This Pact lead to the millions of deaths and the massive destruction of World War Two……

You would think after that war that civilization would have learned from their mistakes… would think then you would be wrong.

Class Dismissed!

How Can The Media Be Used?

Back in the early years of the 20th century there was an Italian socialist named Antonio Gramsci, who spent most of his adult life in prison as a political dissident, his main concern was that the younger mass media would be used by a government to control the population and drive the paradigm.

A few months ago the CIA de-classified then dump a wealth of documents on the public….CREST release (CIA Records Search Tool)… this is where the Gramsci thing come into play…..

A newly declassified CIA report unearthed by the FOIA investigative cooperative MuckRock contains some shocking commentary on how the intelligence community views and interacts with the media.

The CIA Inspector General [IG] was tasked by CIA Director Bill Casey to investigate and review CIA vulnerabilities to media scrutiny. One of Eloise Page’s suggestions involved CIA and agency friendly individuals gaining influence at universities and journalism schools in order to change and shape curriculum.

Source: Newly Declassified Documents Detail CIA’s Relationship With Media

The media is the perfect propaganda tool for the government to employ….worked well for Goebbels in Germany and it is working well here in the US.

They All Fall Down

It appears that we are once again ass deep in the civil rights thing from years ago….and as always we are re-fighting the Civil War….the thing now is that to ward off any possible source for protests governments are deciding to remove the statues of so-called “heroes” of the Civil War….you know people like Lee, Forrest, etc….

I read an article in the Federalist that made some goods points about this mash-up over monuments.

Initially well-intentioned, the movement for historical erasure is picking up steam and will soon be speeding out of control. We should use caution before sweeping too much of our history away from the public eye.

Source: If We Topple Every Statue Of An Imperfect Person They All Come Down

While  I agree that some of the statues should come down but not all of them…..history is history and even ugly history deserves its place.  There is a difference between history and heritage., although the PC crowd would have us believe they are one in the same.

If the monument celebrates a battle, a birthplace or a place of death then these should remain….but if it is a statue to celebrate a white guy that was pissed because he lost a war then it needs to go.

If the monument’s only purpose is hate then it needs to go down and soon.