Iraq: The War To End A War

The last “big” story out of Iraq was that the Iraqi military has called the battle for Mosul as won….that all that is left of ISIS is some wandering bands of fighters looking for leadership……

If indeed ISIS is defeated then we should expect a peace to now prevail, right?

Only an uneducated dolt would think that the conflict in Iraq is coming to an end.  Believe me there is a wealth of uneducated “experts” when it comes to foreign policy.

Now we wait to see if Iraq can win the peace……or an op-ed in USA Today is saying……

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi waved his national flag in a devastated Mosul last week and with good reason. He was celebrating the hard-fought victory of his U.S.-supported troops over the stubborn Islamic State terrorists who held Iraq’s third-largest city for more than three years. But Abadi was candid about the challenge going forward: “We have another mission ahead of us — to create stability.”

Source: Winning the peace in Mosul

Stability?  Really?  Sounds like spin to me.

ISIS has been routed from the Iraqi city of Mosul. Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has declared that this signals “the end and the failure and the collapse” of ISIS.

But according to two Iraq War veterans writing in a paper published by the Small Wars Journal in April, the victory in Mosul will be short-lived.

Source: Iraq War Veterans Warn: Mosul Victory Is Prelude to Iraqi State Failure | Alternet

September will be the start of the after conflict conflict…..why September?

That is when the Kurds have scheduled a vote of an independence referendum.

Depending on the outcome…I do not see that as an event that will bring peace.

This has the possibility of becoming uglier and a lot more messy before there is an end to these hostilities.


5 thoughts on “Iraq: The War To End A War

  1. Ever since The Carter Policy (1980), we have been involved in The Greater Middle East. Carter just proclaimed that the free flow of oil from the Persian Gulf was necessary to our Way of Life. But ever since then–the failed attempt to bring the Hostages back from Tehran–we have been involved. And don’t count our involvement in Bosnia, Croatia, etc. out. Muslims from the Balkans joined-in many of the various Jihads, ever since.

    But, like the song goes: “One, two, three, four…what the Hell are we fighting’ for?”

    1. Country Joe great song from my youth……actually I think things would have been better it Carter had won re-election especially in the Middle East….the hostages there is more to that tale than is told by right wing media….chuq

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