Dammit! Iran!

Back in the Dark Ages, the Obama Years, there was a nuke deal that was signed by the world and Iran…a deal which if they stuck to it would eliminate some sanctions and lessen others…..

Then Trump came to the pinnacle of power and his little commie toady, Flynn (before he was caught in a lie and forced to resign) made a statement that the Trump admin was putting Iran on notice.

Notice for what few are sure of….but they were put there anyway.

While grousing about what a “bad deal” they believe it was, Trump Administration officials accused Iran of having violated “the spirit” of the deal, offering absolutely no details on what that even means, or how the administration,which has repeatedly gone on record as not liking the deal in the first place, interprets that spirit.

Then a couple of days ago word came down about Iran and the deal that they signed…..

Facing a deadline of Monday, President Trump is going to have to re-certify to Congress that Iran is totally complying with its obligations under the P5+1 deal, which effectively delays his expected effort to force a “renegotiation,” an idea that no other party of the treaty seems at all interested in.

The fact that Iran is complying with the deal is no surprise, of course, as the IAEA issues monthly reports to that effect anyhow. Still, it wasn’t a slam dunk that the administration was going to tell the truth, and there was speculation that they might withhold the re-certification.


Trump is not happy about having to certify that Iran is in compliance with the deal….

It’s a problematic position, but mostly boils down to the Trump Administration being keen to have some excuse to “rip up” the nuclear deal as they’d long threatened to do, and being incredibly annoyed at the fact that they don’t have a pretext to do so.

This has officials publicly admitting that Iran is complying with the deal, and threatening new sanctions against them anyhow, because that compliance “won’t go unpunished.” This is a confusing position that’s likely to be a problem for the other P5+1 members, who already see the US, and not Iran as the weak link in the deal.


Why would anyone be disappointed in the fact that Iran is in compliance….unless they are looking for an excuse to do something stupid.

Iran is still “one of the most dangerous threats to US interests and to regional stability,” one senior administration official told reporters Monday, per Reuters, detailing all of the ways in which the country remains problematic. Those issues include Iran’s enabling of terrorism in Syria and its continued development of ballistic missiles, which, in combination with other issues, leaves Iran “unquestionably in default of the spirit of the [deal]” signed by the US, the EU, France, Britain, Russia, China, and Germany. The White House plans to handle this, per the official, by tightening the agreement (and then enforcing its mandates), and taking on “the totality of Iran’s malign behavior” beyond the nuclear deal, which could include new sanctions, per CNN. Trump aides tell the Times the president is “frustrated” and won’t keep recertifying compliance if Iran doesn’t get its act together.

Sounds like someone wants to go to war and nothing Iran does will prevent it from happening……is this the new “norm” for American foreign policy?

A better question would be…..who is the true enemy we should fret over?

It is one of the great ironies that the United States, a land mass protected by two broad oceans while also benefitting from the world’s largest economy and most powerful military, persists in viewing itself as a potential victim, vulnerable and surrounded by enemies. In reality, there are only two significant potential threats to the U.S. The first consists of the only two non-friendly countries – Russia and China – that have nuclear weapons and delivery systems that could hit the North American continent and the second is the somewhat more amorphous danger represented by international terrorism.

Source: Who Is the Real Enemy? – The Unz Review

Personally, I think he, Trump, is looking in the wrong direction for the “enemy”.


20 thoughts on “Dammit! Iran!

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Are the drums of war starting to sound louder after that ‘notice’?
    Would this be the perfect distraction from the Russia issue? I don’t like where this ‘so-called president’ and my logic seems to be taking me! 😳

      1. I sure hope this doesn’t derail the investigation!
        Did you hear about the threatening NTY article from last night?

  2. Everyone wants to center on the Middle East, Trump and refugees…. has anyone reported the genocide of whites going on in South Africa ?

      1. Probably the same reason that they do not cover the deaths of Pals in the Middle East…….the board of directors decides what is newsworthy….chuq

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