Who Killed JFK?

Since JFK’s death in Dallas there have been so many theories about his death….from the Mafia to the Cubans to the Russians to….well you pick someone and they have been  implicated in his death….

Does anyone really know the truth?  Does anyone know who was behind the assassination of an American president?

John F. Kennedy buffs are awaiting the release of documents about June Cobb, a little-known CIA operative working in Cuba and Mexico around the time of the president’s assassination.

She may have been one of the bravest and best-placed American spies in the history of the Cold War, but few people outside the CIA know the mysterious story of June Cobb.

The existing information in the spy agency’s declassified files depicts Cobb as an American Mata Hari—an adventure-loving, death-defying globetrotter who moved to Cuba to work for Fidel Castro, the country’s newly installed strongman, then found herself recruited to spy for the CIA after growing disenchanted with Castro’s revolution. The era’s rampant sexism is obvious in her job evaluation reports: Cobb’s CIA handlers wrote down speculation about her sex life and her failed romance in the 1950s with an opium farmer in the jungles of South America. And the reports are filled with appraisals of Cobb’s looks, noting especially her fetching blue eyes. “Miss Cobb is not unattractive,” her CIA recruiter wrote in 1960. “She is blonde, has a slender figure, although she has a somewhat hard look, making her appear somewhat older than her 33 years.”

Source: What Could a Mysterious U.S. Spy Know About the JFK Assassination? – POLITICO Magazine

This should give those conspiracy nuts something to do…..unbtil they get bored…LOL

Who do you think killed JFK?

16 thoughts on “Who Killed JFK?

  1. I do not know who killed JFK and I doubt that anyone will ever know. I do know that some of the wounds he suffered reportedly had entry points from in front of his body which would lead one to conclude that not all the shots that killed him came from behind as in the school book depository … There are too many unresolved questions and apparently too many people happy to keep them unresolved.

    1. This new “release” of reports could have some answers….these report dumps are good but only if you know they are coming…..at least I will not be too bored since my class is done for the Summer….chuq

      1. Well — whoever wrote this new bunch of reports certainly have had enough time to get their story straight so I imagine these reports are another diversionary tactic to give the peons some breadcrumbs and keep them from continuing their anguished questions about the event. If there are new reports then the question needs to be answered, “Why are they new and why wasn’t the information they allegedly contain available years ago?” I think any new reports are moot at this time in History and will accomplish absolutely nothing except to further the fantasy that the government had nothing to do with it.

      2. These are government papers that have been classified…..I want to see the redaction…that should tell a lot….

      3. No redactions shall be seen. Redactions are part of the intrigue.

      4. People involved in the field of Education as professionals never get enough reading.

      5. A library of which to be duly proud. As a professor, don’t you get a little bit upset when arrogant people listen to you speak about something on which you have a little credentialized expertise and then respond to you with that smug, “You read a lot, don’t you?” Whenever I hear that I get the uncomfortable feeling that someone is trying to make light of my formal education. Have you encountered this situation and does it ruffle your feathers at all?

      6. Now a days….there seems to be a lot of that going around….it does but I try to not let it show or I would then be an elitist or something equally insulting….like Ron White sez…”Can’t fix stupid”…LOL

  2. I love conspiracy theories, and after the moon landings, JFK is one of my favourites.
    (They keep my brain active, what can I say?)
    I don’t have a clue who was behind it, but I firmly believe that Oswald was not really capable of planning and executing it on his own. Best guess is that it was a plot from within, by all the usual suspects. Big Business, Arms Industry, Old Money, and Security Services.
    One thing’s for sure, The Warren Commission Report is not worth the paper it was printed on.
    regards, Pete.

  3. It does not matter who killed JFK – If it was not Oswald – they got away with it. If it was him, he died. What is more important is that children went to schools that had been closed to them and we did not go to war against Russia over Cuba. I remember walking to class in October on the day of the blockade. Due to a short circuit – the air raid sirens at Mt. San Antonio Jr. College in Walnut, California went off at a little after 10AM PCT. I stopped, sweated, and looked into the hundreds of faces of student looking out windows all wondering if the next thing they would last see would be an atomic mushroom cloud.

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