Iran: A “What If”

Iran has been in the news lately….it seems that some in the Trump power cliche is not happy with the Iranian nuke deal and the chest thumping has started…..and since I do like my history I thought I would propose a ‘what if’ scenario…..

In 1954 the US was involved in a coup in Guatemala and most people think that it was our first attempted coup….they would be wrong.  Iran was the US first successful coup lead by the CIA.  But for the same reason as the first…to protect American business profits and control.  Guatemala was to protect Standard Fruit and their monopoly…Iran it was to protect American oil interests…..

What lead up to the coup?
In 1951, Iran’s Parliament voted to nationalize the oil industry, and legislators backing the law elected its leading advocate, Dr. Mosaddeq, as prime minister. Britain responded with threats and sanctions.

Dr. Mosaddeq, a European-educated lawyer then in his early 70’s, prone to tears and outbursts, refused to back down. In meetings in November and December 1952, the secret history says, British intelligence officials startled their American counterparts with a plan for a joint operation to oust the nettlesome prime minister.

To many Iranians, Mossadegh was a national hero, not only because he had stood up to Britain, but also because he was the only Iranian politician who could challenge the authority of the ambitious young shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. When the US and Britain overthrew Mossadegh, they brought about an extended period of dictatorship under the shah that lasted until the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

That was an oversimplification of the events that leads up to the coup of 1953…..for further fleshing out the scheme there is a good summation……

Source: The 1953 Coup D’etat in Iran

So the question is…..would we be at this point in history if the US had let the events of 1953 play on there own?  Would the religious upheaval had come about if the popularly elected PM had been allowed to serve his term?

The coup of 1953 is still used today to rampant up anti-American sentiment.

In essence it was the US that set up the situation that allowed the revolution of 1979 to become active…..the “Iron Fist” of the Shah fed the idea of revolition.

We have no way of saying that if things were allowed to progress normally without interference that everything would be different today….the one thing we can say is the US was partially to blame for the revolution that led to the hostages and the rest is history, as they say…..

My students like these types of things for they like talking….and that makes teaching easier…..

Anybody got a “what if”?

7 thoughts on “Iran: A “What If”

  1. Propping up the Shah started much of the backlash that sours relations to this day. I agree with your assertion that those events led to the inevitable hostage scenario, and the animosity that followed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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