Closing Thought–30May17

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend…..that family and fun went hand in hand…..

Me?  I had the perfect weekend…..especially on Sunday… see I am a auto racing fan….and Sunday had it all for me….GP2 race…..Monaco Gran Prix and the Indy500…

Most Americans know very little about the world of auto racing if it is not NASCAR then it is not racing….well that is bullshit!

NASCAR is thrilling but I prefer Formula One, GP2, GP3. Indycar series, sports car racing like Le Mans and Rally car racing……unfortunately if you live in the US you get very little news about most of the racing I enjoy….so I have to subscribe to a couple racing mags from Europe and dammit they are expensive…but it is worth it for the info I get every week.

My love affair with auto racing began when my family lived in Europe and I got to go the the French Gran Prix in 1959 at Reims France……and since that day I have been a Ferrari race fan……

The Monaco GP was a bit boring but at least Ferrari finished 1 and 2 ….when I say boring I mean this race is usually who leads at the start usually wins…but not always…..

GP2 is the “minor league” of Formula One and a helluva race….these guys only have 30 laps and they drive all out….makes for an interesting race indeed.

Then there was Indy500….as always a fantastic race…..I usually do not care much for oval racing but in this case this race is always worth watching.  It has everything… speed, blown engines, wrecks and some amazing driving.  The only thing I do not understand is the winner gets milk not champagne….why?  I mean do know how hard it is the spray the crowd with milk?  Where’s the fun in that?

A little history for you….it was American racer Dan Gurney that started the tradition of spraying champagne on the crowd after his 1968 win at Le Mans in the Ford GT…….in case you were wondering.

All in all I could not ask for a better day on Sunday.

Monday was a somber day for me……it was Memorial Day and I spent in remembrance of my 3 fellow LRRPs from my team that died in Vietnam.

That closes out my day……thanx everyone for you visits and your comments….you guys are what makes this blog a joy to write…….

See you guys tomorrow…….chuq

16 thoughts on “Closing Thought–30May17

  1. I’ve often worried about the INDY 500 winner who is lactose intolerant. Never heard the origin of that tradition but I knew the Gurney history. I use to follow Gurney around at Long Beach and before that at Riverside Raceway and just watch him and listen. I think he made me a couple of times and may have felt he had a stalker but that kinda was what I was. He was a big man for a racer. ~~dru~~

      1. Car Jockeys!
        Remember when some NASCAR drivers wanted Danica Patrick to be handicapped like a horse? Weight belt I guess was what they wanted, I suggested they diet and stop their whining.

      2. I agree if sje is capable then she should have the shot…..even Formula racing is getting women…..GP3 has a female driver from Columbia…..chuq

  2. Just keeping you updated,though you probably are anyway….Breaking: Situation Escalates at Syrian-Iraqi Border. Towards a Dangerous Standoff between U.S Special Forces and Syria’s Arab Army? via @grtvnews
    South Front is good…
    Motor Racing? Glad you enjoyed it,as for me I would rather listen to the buzzing of bees! 🙂

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