The Creeping “I” Word

The news these days is all Trump all day…..and not in a good way….there are many games played in DC and the new one is a basic repeat of the past…..and one that has his nose picking supporters all butt hurt……and they do what they do….strike out instead of making a cogent argument against any action they just want to insult and to show their command of adjectives……

Everyone that breathes knows the story in the headlines……but a new wrinkle has shown its face….the possibility of an impeachment process……

President Trump’s latest troubles have even Republicans such as John McCain drawing comparisons to Watergate. An assessment at NPR notes that the “‘I’ word is creeping its way into the mainstream,” but the piece emphasizes, twice, that the chance of a GOP-controlled Senate impeaching Trump is somewhere around zero. A look at what others are saying:

  • Testing the waters: In what it sees as a “significant development,” McClatchy reports that Democrats are poised to start polling to gauge sentiment. Their fear is that making a public push to impeach Trump may backfire in the long run.
  • “Hushed” chatter: Politico’s Playbook blog says the GOP chatter on Capitol Hill in the wake of the new Comey reports is “hushed” but unmistakable. “That’s not to say President Donald Trump will be impeached, but the prospect is beginning to creep into Republicans’ minds, and it’s noteworthy that they are not ruling it out.”
  • Not so hushed: Rep. Justin Amash became the first Republican in Congress to publicly broach the idea Wednesday, reports the Hill. Asked if what Comey said was true would merit impeachment, he responded simply, “Yes.” On the Democratic side, Rep. Al Green of Texas called for Trump’s impeachment on the House floor Wednesday, reports the Week.
  • Nope: Law professor Jonathan Turley assesses the Comey allegations and finds zilch in them to support impeachment. “There are dozens of different variations of obstruction charges ranging from threatening witnesses to influencing jurors,” he writes in the Hill. “None would fit this case.” As for the broader charge of Trump trying to interfere with the “due administration of justice,” that would hinge on the dicey prospect of proving that Trump intended to influence “corruptly.”
  • Deep breath: “Take a few steps back, America,” advises John Kass at the Chicago Tribune. “Get yourself a pocket copy of the Constitution and hold on.” He sees one big issue with the Comey story: We haven’t actually seen the supposedly damning memo. So until then, or until Comey testifies under oath about his conversations with Trump, “we just don’t know.”
  • Two to watch: The president’s fate really lies with House leader Paul Ryan and Senate leader Mitch McConnell, writes Dylan Matthews at Vox. As long as they don’t turn on Trump, he’s safe.
  • Trump’s strategy: Expect him to keep “stoking his base,” predicts a post at Axios. Lawmakers will be leery of bucking him if he stays popular in their districts. “It’s his most basic survival strategy—and it’s another reason he won’t change.” In the meantime, the Trump campaign is fundraising with an email that has “SABOTAGE” as a subject line, notes Slate.
  • The 25th? In the New York Times, conservative columnist Ross Douthat doesn’t think impeachment fits and instead floats the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment. That allows the removal of a president if the majority of his Cabinet tells Congress he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” A two-thirds vote by Congress would follow if the president contests. Based on the daily comments about Trump from his inner circle in the press, Douthat thinks it’s a possibility.
  • The bookies: Bookmakers say the odds of a Trump impeachment have jumped in the last week, and MarketWatch has the details.

There will make the news more enjoyable for some….but then there seems to be another wrinkle forming in the fabric of Trumpism……

The Justice Department has appointed a special counsel to oversee the investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, the New York Times reports. According to the Washington Post, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has tasked Robert Mueller with investigating “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” Mueller, a former FBI director, is authorized to prosecute any federal crimes the investigation uncovers and will have subpoena authority, USA Today reports.

Mueller will answer to Rosenstein at the DOJ but have more freedom to run the investigation than would a US attorney. “I determined that it is in the public interest for me to exercise my authorities and appoint a special counsel,” Rosenstein said in a statement. Rosenstein makes it clear that doesn’t mean he’s found evidence of criminal acts. In a statement following Rosenstein’s announcement, Trump said a special counsel will only confirm what everyone already knows: there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia, the AP reports. Mueller served as FBI director from 2001 to 2013, the longest term since J. Edgar Hoover. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz calls him a “great selection” with “impeccable credentials.”

Please stand by for updates from the Mother Ship……the foil hat will not block out the signals……


5 thoughts on “The Creeping “I” Word

  1. Personally, I’d rather watch paint dry istead of watching the Comey hearings. That will leave me more time to read IST 🙂

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