Closing Thought–18May17

Before I begin….FOX News Roger Ailes is dead at 77…….gone but never forgotten….

We have been bombarded with this version or that on the firing of FBI head, Comey……of course his supporters are just telling the world to move on…..and the rest of us are just fascinating at the antics around the whole affair.

There has been as many version of this report as there are hairs on ones butt……so which is accurate?

The problem as I see it is that Trump sent his minions out to head off any negativity about this event…the problem is none of them had the same story…and then their fearless leader went on TV for an interview and basically threw those minions under the bus.

He pretty much crapped on the whole story line making his loyal minions look like douche bags and liars.

Trump’s interview made me think of something Lloyd George of the UK, a past prime minister, had to say in an interview he had given…….”one feature that distinguishes a first rate political leader from a second grade politician is the former is careful to avoid making any definite statement that can be subsequently refuted.”

To paraphrase:  keep your mouth shut until the correct time.

Our man in DC needs to shut the Hell up and stop making the situation worse with each tweet or interview.

Instead of acting like a butt hurt juvenile he should be avoiding this situation and talking about tax reform or infrastructure or anything else but the story line flying around the media.

Instead he opens his mouth and inserts another foot…he does not realize that everything he says is out there and can be pulled up at any time.  Plus what is with all the use of adverbs?

Not to worry the minions of the Trump Land are countering all this news with an Obama piece…..I would go into further but it is just too lame to repeat….another attempt to blame Obama for the massive fuck ups by their chosen king….anything to deflect people from the moronic bone head moves of Trump…..haven’t heard it yet…just wait it will get louder as Trump’s stupidity gets more clear.

Waiting for the Mother Ship………

I am spent!  Enough already!  Peace Out!

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