Becoming “Sour And Dark”

You know I am always thrilled when the inevitable happens….a politician gets caught lying and trying to cover their ass…..but it is more fun to watch the die hard supporters doing all they can to support their “guy”…..of course the insults are always fun because these supporters are pretty creative in their insults….usually they have NO idea what they are talking about but Hell that never stopped a moron from babbling.

Now with the trouble that Trump has created for himself just amps up the supporters and their admiration of the man…..they refuse to look at the facts, and yes there are facts, whether they like them or not, but rather just throw out their chest and let the poison pen fly.

It is fun watching butt hurt twats do their “thang”……as silly and unimaginative as they are……

I bring all this up because these supporters are a carbon copy of their vision of manliness…..”Sour and Dark”!

Things are not going well in DC…..not for Trump and not so much for those die heard supporters……Trump who is crazy about his son-in-law, Jared,  has started attacking him as well….you know things are going to shit when he attacks his “fair-haired boy”…..

As leaks from President Donald Trump’s White House continue to spring in the aftermath of the president firing former FBI Director James Comey, staffers are revealing more information about the president’s moodiness that is even directed at the closest in his inner circle.

According to a New York Times report by Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush, the president has not only been overheard complaining about having to fire his disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn, but has also begun directing his mood swings at his son-in-law-turned-adviser Jared Kushner.

“His own mood, according to two advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity, has become sour and dark,” the report claims, “turning against most of his aides — even his son-in-law, Jared Kushner — and describing them in a fury as ‘incompetent,’ according to one of those advisers.”

Source: Trump becoming ‘sour and dark’ as he turns against son-in-law Jared Kushner: report

I am wondering if Jared is asking….”Is this the price I pay for blind obedience?”

Not a good sign for the admin…..he can hope that on his first international trip he does not say or Tweet something stupid…if he tries he could have a minor re-start….but how likely is that?

Just a few words of advice for the Trump-ster……

Keep your mouth shut……keep you finger away from the Tweet button….and maybe the rest of the week could slow down and get back to the business of state.

How likely is that?

16 thoughts on “Becoming “Sour And Dark”

  1. His supporters, in my view, are unbelievably ‘ LEMMING-LIKE’ ! I look forward to this upcoming trip, I know he’s going to say something outrageous.

    1. Yep…he is suppose to speak to Islamic scholars about radical Islam…that ought put another nail in his international coffin….chuq

  2. I’m at the point where I just roll my eyes at people blindly supporting Trump and move on. It isn’t worth my time trying to explain facts that have led me to believe that the man is losing his marbles and will implode, with almost certainty, very soon. He’s the type of person that will go down taking anyone else down who’s within verbal reach; probably not the “thanks” these people were hoping to get for their obediance and trust.

    1. I have found that his supporters also think Nixon got a raw deal…..this trip coming should be fun thing to watch….will he meltdown on the international stage? Insert that other foot Mr. trump…LOL chuq

      1. Only on the one leg….gotta another to start on soon…and this trip should be the start of that foot…..LOL chuq

  3. They may yet need those four big guys in the white coats and the straight jacket from the unmarked van parked a half a block from the White House to cart off Mr. Prez in the middle of the night… 🙂

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