“All The President’s Men”

With the drama playing out in DC these days maybe some channel should show the Watergate Drama on a continuous loop…just as a reminder to those “Ignorati” that cannot remember the history of this country. (thanx to beetleypete for the idea)…..bye the bye…this situation will make an excellent movie in the future……and look for a novel with this scenario come out soon also.

But that aside there is lots happening in Foggy Bottom…especially around the presidents men……

This is for those readers that do not want to spend hours on Google or Twitter…..


The Senate Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena Wednesday to force former national security adviser Michael Flynn to turn over documents related to the panel’s probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, including possible ties between the Kremlin and the presidential campaigns. – Washington Post

White House lawyers have had to warn President Donald Trump repeatedly against reaching out to his fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, two people familiar with the matter tell The Daily Beast. – The Daily Beast

Targeted in widening investigations of his foreign entanglements, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is at odds with his former Turkish client over two unusual payments totaling $80,000 that Flynn’s firm sent back last year to the client. The disagreement points to inconsistencies in Flynn’s accounts to the U.S. government about his work for interests outside the United States. – Associated Press

Trump-Russia Connections

Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe and other top U.S. intelligence officials are scheduled to testify before a congressional committee in a public hearing Thursday that has taken on new significance since President Trump suddenly removed James B. Comey as the leader of the FBI.   – Washington Post

The Senate Intelligence committee’s leading Democrat, Sen. Mark Warner, said Wednesday that he has asked former FBI Director James B. Comey, who was fired by the White House Tuesday, to testify before the committee next week. – Washington Times

Senate Democrats laid out new demands on Wednesday in the aftershock of FBI Director James Comey’s firing that they said would ensure the current federal probe into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials is not impeded. – Politico

I am sure there are others out there but these are the largest circulation…..we will see how far the cowards in Congress are willing to go…..my guess is they will procrastinate for as long as they can before they actual do something…..they will continue to pout party ahead of country.


7 thoughts on ““All The President’s Men”

  1. As this keeps up we may soon adopt the title “…And then there were none” but even after that I believe the Russian connection will still be just under investigation. Just call me a negative thinker. ~~dru~~

    1. Alex Baldwin…..I bet there will be a novel along this line also….probably James Patterson since he cranks out a novel a week…LOL chuq

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