Flynn: From Russia With Love

I know that most of my Right wing readers are sick of the Flynn thing…..but as usual they cannot see past partisan bullshit…..if it were a Dem they would be having a stroke to get a hearing and an investigation…..but as usual the Repubs in Congress are showing their true colors……YELLOW.

I too could be sick of this situation if not the way it is playing out… far everyone in the WH is lying…..sorry too strong a word for politics….everyone is being forgetful.

To save time and space…I have written about the Flynn affair for some time now and the background is in these posts…

Source: In Like Flynn – In Saner Thought

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So far the president, VP, AG and Press Sec are all telling the same tale……

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said “you don’t catch everything” in reference to the Trump transition team’s vetting of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn,

Flynn, who was fired early in his tenure by President Donald Trump, is under scrutiny for his dealings with Russia, including whether the former Army lieutenant general violated the law by accepting payments from foreign governments.

“We need to do a good job of vetting, but that’s a complex issue and I’m not sure anyone could be expected to find that,” Sessions told ABC News’ Amy Robach live on “Good Morning America” today.

(Yahoo News)

They played the typical Trump admin excuse ……”Obama Did It”

They are saying that the last clearance the Flynn got was under the Obama admin…..but there is more to this tale than they want to admit……

“NBC News has learned from sources close to the Trump-Russia investigation that both the Trump transition and the White House did do a background check on Flynn,” Maddow said on her program, citing reporting from NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

“This is in addition to his already approved security clearance. They did a background check on Flynn specifically for him to become national security adviser.”

Source: Trump team did background check on Flynn, knew of Turkey ties: report | TheHill

Apparently the transition team including the VP were told about the concern of Flynn and his involvement with Russia and Turkey…..and yet he was chosen to be the NatSec adviser…..that’s troubling.

So far we have nothing but lies on top of lies over this situation….it is time for the cowardly GOP to get off their ass and do what must be done…..hearings, investigations and a special prosecutor…..

Do this and they can settle this issue one way or the other……but I expect the spineless cowards to do what they are doing now……NOTHING!


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