Snuggling Up To Strongmen

There is a situation that has had little press but is a bit disturbing….well to me at least…..

Pres. Trump is snuggling up to those authoritarian leaders on the planet…..and that is in line with previous admins…..the nation has snuggled up with the likes of Saddam, Mubarak, the Saudis, Noriega, etc… this is something in-line with our policies in the past.  But is it the best policy?

Trump took office in mid-January and soon met with the King Of Jordan… authoritarian figure in his own right……but a solid ally to the US…

the Trump administration — which has defined its top priority as defeating the Islamic State — needs stability in Jordan and a close strategic relationship with Amman. The kingdom is a major base of U.S. air operations for the campaign in Syria, a key intelligence sharing partner, and a leading Arab ally in the battle of ideas against radical Islam. Recognizing this importance, the United States provided nearly $1.6 billion in military and economic assistance to Jordan last year — a figure that represented more than 10 percent of the kingdom’s annual budget and made it the second-largest recipient of U.S. foreign assistance dollars in the world.

Then along came the strongman of Egypt, al-Sisi……slinking into DC…….since coming to power Sisi has become a bigger dictator than Mubarak…..

The president spoke in these meetings about Egypt’s keenness in promoting democracy and protecting human rights, stating that Egypt is undertaking great efforts to respect civil and human rights, while strengthening security and stability as well.

Speaker Paul Ryan released a statement after his meeting with Al-Sisi, saying that “the strategic partnership between the United States and Egypt is essential to securing regional stability and defeating terrorism.” He also added that the congress is keen to cooperate with its Egyptian counterparts during the upcoming period.

Again the US will accept authoritarian rule as long as their is a proxy in there to help with the US hegemony….respecting human rights while throwing protesters, journalists and bloggers in prison…..

Then there is the Turkish president and his referendum recently…..basically the referendum was an assault on rights of the people…..seriously limiting democracy in the country….and Trump was the first to call Erdogan and congratulate him on his win…..

Trump has acted according to type in singling out these categories, too, for his hostility, to the point of calling the press “enemies of the people” and calling for the imprisonment of his political rival, Hillary Clinton, an idea he has returned to from time to time.
Turkey shows us what can happen when rhetoric passes to action. Let’s take the example of the media and higher education. Over 100 news sites have been closed, and over 100 journalists have been imprisoned; Turkey is now the country with the highest number of confined journalists in the world. Many university professors, accused of anti-government sentiments or insulting the leader, have been escorted out of their homes and workplaces in handcuffs, as though they are criminals — which, for Erdogan, they now are.
Not a surprise to those of us that watch the international scene…..Trump has never hidden his love of strongmen. Moammar Gadhafi, Vladimir Putin, and even Saddam Hussein have all come in for praise by him for their decisiveness and take no prisoners attitude toward their enemies.
And now there is one more mini-dictator that has claimed the admiration of the president…..the Philippines…..

President Trump called Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte and expressed his commitment to their alliance and in developing “a warm, working relationship,” a Filipino official said Sunday. Presidential spokesman Ernie Abella said Trump mentioned he was looking forward to visiting the Philippines in November to attend an East Asia summit and that Trump invited Duterte to the White House, reports the AP. “The discussion … was warm, with President Trump expressing his understanding and appreciation of the challenges facing the Philippine president, especially on the matter of dangerous drugs,” Abella said. A White House statement described Saturday’s call as “very friendly” and said the US-Philippine alliance “is now heading in a very positive direction.” The remarks reflect a departure from Duterte’s antagonistic stance toward former President Obama, whom he once told to “go to hell.”

During Obama’s final months in office, the Philippine president moved to build closer ties with China and Russia while threatening to end his nation’s longstanding alliance with the US. On Sunday, three Chinese navy ships were welcomed in Davao city, Duterte’s hometown, by his daughter, city Mayor Sarah Duterte. Abella said without elaborating that North Korea also came up in Trump’s talk with Duterte. CNN notes that Duterte suggested earlier Saturday that the Trump administration should back away from standoff with North Korea to avoid risking a nuclear holocaust that could smother Asia. “It would be good for America to just restrain a little bit and if I were President Trump, I’ll just back out, not really in surrender and retreat, but just to let the guy realize that, ‘Ah, please do not do it.'” Duterte said. “It behooves America, who wields the biggest stick, just to really be prudent.”

Duterte is a murderous little toad…..I do not think the America needs friends like him…….we can do so much better.

For the love of the “Little Dictator”……why are these people high on the “approval” list for our president?

Have an opinion?  Then let it fly.

11 thoughts on “Snuggling Up To Strongmen

  1. Trump comes from a system where he had full control of his actions. He says, it’s done. No one to control his action. So he admires leaders who can do in their governments what he did in his business. He seems not to understand the concept of our founding fathers …..three equal branches of government.

  2. I hate to make this comparison because it’s SO politically incorrect to do so because you tend to offend whatever group feels offended… and then there’s Godwin.. So.. here it goes.
    Last night I was watching one of the many NatGeo/History (Hitler Channel)/Discovery things that I record for later viewing.
    Let’s tip-toe here… the show played one of those old black & white film segments of that guy with the funny mustache speaking to a stadium full of cheering people. As he was speaking the interpretation was at the bottom of the screen… nothing racial by an means, just typical nationalist nonsense verbiage. Now, if those words were spoken in a present day similar environment one could very easily think they were at a contemporary Trump rally.
    Birds of a feather?

    1. Slowly working my way around the Godwin diatribe…..and the facial expressions of the Italian fat man…..too close to call…LOL chuq

      1. LOL… I’m sure Trump admired them both.. and that other Communist mustached character to the east. My gawd.. could you imagine how world events would have changed if Trump was alive back then? The hell with Andy Jackson. 🙂

  3. The modern rise of the new dictators is well-covered here, chuq. I think that Erdogan will prove to be a very troublesome ally though…Yet another example of ‘be careful what you wish for’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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