Another One Bites The Dust

Trump has just past his first 100 days in office….and there will be mixed emotions on whether he is a success or if he is failing…..

The admin has had a helluva time keeping national security advisers…..the two women from FOX as deputies on the NatSec team have come and gone…..the biggest failure was that of Michael Flynn as national security adviser….he lasted 24 days I believe…then there was Bannon who has been kicked off the NatSec team and now yet another adviser on national security is set to split from the team……

Insiders say a former Breitbart editor with links to the far right will be leaving the White House in the days to come—and it isn’t Steve Bannon. According to CNN‘s sources, former Breitbart national security editor Sebastian Gorka, who has been serving as a national security aide in the White House, will be leaving the administration this week. An administration official tells the AP that Gorka, a dual British-US citizen with Hungarian roots, had been hired for a role on White House strategist Bannon’s Strategic Initiatives Group, a national security panel that group “fizzled” in the early months of the administration.

Gorka was charged with taking a gun through a TSA checkpoint at Reagan National Airport last year, which made him unable to get a security clearance to serve on the National Security Council. The Guardian reports that Gorka’s links to the far right in Hungary, where he attempted a career in politics before moving to the US, had been under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the Guardian reported that Gorka, known for his hardline stance against radical Islamists, had been seeking the role of special US envoy to Libya, though sources say foreign diplomats were alarmed by a partition plan for the country that he drew up on a napkin during a meeting

The president is having a really hard time finding and keeping national security advisers….why is that?

Is it the people that are not experienced enough?

And what does all this chaos in the NatSec team do for the country’s security?

11 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Hi,chuq, am having a tweet break & still the trolls come in 😦
    The Usury Based System. Towards A Worldwide Financial Disaster? via @grtvnews regard to the climate…it is beginning to cool…patterns eh!
    but people still prefer to sleep….zzzzzz
    Am doing some more research….in the meantime…keep well old friend.hugz.

  2. The trouble with NatSec is a glaring example of how unqualified Trump really is as POTUS. It’s only a matter of time before he is called out to the carpet following a major event that would have potentially been stopped with a fully functioning NatSec team. How long are the people going to allow this circus to continue keeps me up at night.

    1. Good question and I will answer it tomorrow in one of my posts…..sorry for the rush but I have so much to do and so damn little time…..chuq

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