Is War Coming To North Korea?

No one wants a war on the Korean Peninsula, but that could change.

There is lots of testosterone flowing in DC over the situation in North Korea.  I have talked about what a war with NK would look like if war were to come….and now the question that many are asking these days……

The United States and North Korea are hurling threats at one another. In Japan, the sale of bomb shelters is booming. And in South Korea, a country that has seen this all before and is typically nonplussed about a test or two, citizens are feeling a bit anxious.

Could war really break out on the Korean Peninsula? Could a conventional war lead to the first use of nuclear weapons since 1945? Is this actually for real?

Well, there is some good news and some bad news. But it has to be said, the good news isn’t that great and the bad news is potentially horrific.

Source: Is war coming to North Korea? | North Korea | Al Jazeera

To predict with accuracy I would need the algorithm of De Mesquita and he is guarding that with his life…..all I can say is the rhetoric does not leave me optimistic that an alternative can be found…..but talk is cheap maybe there is hope yet.

8 thoughts on “Is War Coming To North Korea?

  1. The remote possibility of nuclear weapons being used if conflict broke out should scare the crap out of everyone. What’s even more scary, no one is really paying attention to the situation or, even more frightening, no one cares.

  2. I tend to agree with the article, that Kim doesn’t want a war that he would certainly lose, as he can no longer count on the backing of China. Most observers tend to forget the oriental culture when making their statements. Saving face is a very important part of that culture, and something that continues in many countries in the region. Kim may just be trying to ‘save face’ by being belligerent. Let’s hope so.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. Probably…..just like Iran mouths are playing to the crowd….Lil Kim is a strange bird I cannot read him just yet….chuq

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