A Russian Defense

AS a child of the Cold War I NEVER thought I would see the day when Americans, ordinary Americans, would come to the defense of Russia or anything Russian…..would this fall under the category of “seen it all now”?

Since so many Americans have found this new love for Russia I thought I would post a couple of articles from one of the Russian leaning journals….”Neo Eastern Outlook”…….

The first one is what this group sees is happening around the world….the US many interventions…..is it pressing its will or is it searching for stability?

US foreign policy has for decades been predicated on achieving and maintaining global peace, security and stability. In reality, it has for over a century constituted an overreaching desire to achieve and maintain global hegemony.

And where US efforts focus on achieving hegemony, division and destruction follow. From the Middle East to Eastern Europe, and from Southeast Asia to the Korean Peninsula, US intervention politically or militarily all but guarantee escalating tensions, uncertain futures, socioeconomic instability and even armed conflict.

Source: US Foreign Policy: Hegemony or Stability, Not Both | New Eastern Outlook

The US is fighting so many wars around the world…..this group questions whether the US has a strategy or not……

It’s getting pretty crazy, the warring around of Washington since the Trump Project took office January 20. The question is whether there is a true strategy behind the dramatic escalation of Trump Administration military aggression around the world. There definitely is in my view, and it’s not good for world peace, not good for the United States and the rest of the world.

First, just a week into office, the new President authorized a Navy Seal illegal attack in Yemen’s civil war in which one Seal was killed and four wounded, allegedly intervening to hit the Al Qaeda in Yemen terrorist organization, yet another spin-off of the CIA’s Afghan Mujahideen. Then on April 7, a Syrian false flag sarin bomb allegation, with no independent international verification, was used by Washington as excuse for the US Navy to launch 59 US Tomahawk missiles to try to destroy a key airbase of the legitimate government of Syria. Videos, most faked, showing dead or suffering children was the offered pretext as well as the alleged disgust of Ivanka Trump, the President’s alarmingly influential daughter.

Source: The Not-So-Grand Strategy Behind America’s Warring Around | New Eastern Outlook

There this for all those in support of Russia…..you have a good look at what they are thinking about our interventions and our wars…..

Any comments from the “Peanut Gallery”?

6 thoughts on “A Russian Defense

  1. A friend of mine, Charlie Ehin says wisely: human beings seems to have an infinite capacity for unconditional love and self-delusion. Loving all things Russian because one loves Trump is a good illustration of the second.

    1. Good point….like I say I would never imagine an American showing that much “love” to a Russian dictator….scary stuff these days….chuq

    1. I think that was more economics in hard times than a true “love” for Japanese dictator…but I get your point…I remember back a few decades when a guy driving a Mitsubishi small pick-up with a sticker that said “Remember Pearl Harbor”….I wanted to tell him that the planes that hit the site were made by the company but I let it go…..chuq

  2. As you point out to GP, attitudes change for economic and historical reasons. My own uncle threw stones at Japanese cars, when they first arrived in the UK. Now we all have some Japanese electronics in our homes, and can see Jewish people proudly driving expensive German cars.
    The Cold War was a long time ago, in the perception of young people today. So it was always obvious that attitudes would change regarding Russia. It also seems that Putin is playing the ‘reasonable man’ card at the moment, and has wound-back the rhetoric. Trump might do well to emulate him.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Putin is playing the same game Stalin played only under the guise of democracy…..the young do not know history and will not see the game is afoot (to quote Sherlock)….chuq

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