What Happened To Patriotism?

An interesting question these days.  It does not mean what it did when your daddy was spouting the term.  Now it means people that concur with whatever warped thinking the writer has on his/her mind.  All others are enemies of the state, although few word it that way but that is the implication.

Damn I love Teddy!

We no longer have patriots….we have a bunch of nationalistic bullshit hiding under the flag.

When an American does not agree with some prevailing thought then they are labeled and insulted…..I know I am guilty of this also….but at least I try to be fair and honest and do and say what I think is best for this country.  I refuse to put my faith in a person, especially a politician….because I do not see any of them working for the betterment of the country….just making sure profit is not infringed upon……and their own personal legacy.

If 25 years ago you told me that some, many, Americans would be defending actions by Russia I would have called you a liar.  There is no way that they would put these actions above the dignity and security of this country….no way….NO how.  And then if you would have said that the American people would put their confidence in a Russian action over their own country’s institutions….I would once again used the term….LIAR!  And once again I would have been wrong.

I have been mistaken many time but this would be the first time I would have been dead wrong.

If or when this accusation against Russia is proven then those that piled on can NO longer say they champion democracy for this would have been an act to undermine our democracy and they defended the action….

If this were 30 years ago there would be a name for these people…..

With everything written about patriotism the National Review has given its thoughts as well……

John O’Sullivan had a piece on the NRO homepage Thursday commenting on the debate about patriotism and nationalism, and I can’t improve upon what he wrote. But I wanted to add a few points about Jonah’s G-File last weekend. First, I should say, it was rollicking good fun, and Jonah never fails to astonish and impress with how he can combine wildly entertaining writing with deeply serious arguments. But some pushback:

Source: Nationalism & Patriotism Distinction Hard to Explain, Defend | National Review

Personally, I owe my allegiance to the country and its people…..not to a person or a party…this has been my creed for 50 years and I am NOT about to change it because some loud mouths run for president.

I am an American…there is NO hyphen in my title….

26 thoughts on “What Happened To Patriotism?

  1. I guess I have a lot to learn. How on earth is it possible to “Stand for the country” without standing for the elected officials the people have chosen to represent them? What does “Stand for the country” even mean if you remove the elected officials from consideration? I think it means “Anarchy” and I can understand that because “Anarchy” is one of the favorite positions of the political Left in this country. Straighten me out here because I am a little confused.

    1. It means to stand by the principles of the country not the people elected which are self-serving….the Left as you call it is not anarchy….you are thinking of what the press uses that term to mean…it is not….this country has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and not one of the elected toads know anything about it…they know what their donors tell them…it is that simple.

      1. I need to know what actions I can take as a citizen to meet the requirements of “Standing For The Principles Of The Country” apart from standing for the elected officials. If I have been doing something wrong all these years I definitely need to correct it and I am truly interested in how I might implement what you are proposing in my day-to-day life. Can you help me with that please? I always thought it was the Constitution that calls for the election of a President and what have you. How can we have one without the other unless we re-write one or the other?

      2. That is simple….embrace the 2 founding documents…..get involved with the country not defending those that know little of your plight….we are all Americans and we should all live by the same principles…until it is re-written we have the ones set forth….

      3. So then as we take the position that we will not defend those who know little of our plight, does it stand to reason that we are called to “Fight Against” those who do not know our plight and if we fight against the ones who are in power are there others who need to ascend to power … and who might these acceptable others be …. Hillary? Sanders? Nobody who is now in Washington? — In a country as divided as we are how is it even possible to ever hope to have a functional government again? Is it possible?

      4. and politics has done this to the country….no it is not possible because most do not want it to function….it is more important that one be on the “right side” of politics….so they have the attitude…why try?

      5. I am all in favor of observing the founding documents just the way they were interpreted when they were first written … there have been too many changes … we need to return to the basics and get rid of some of the amendments we have seen passed over the years …I, for one, would welcome a return to the interpretation of property ownership and voting rights … to name one.

      6. Not to worry there is already a movement to deny voting rights so that part will come…just wait awhile….but the only way to change things is thru amendments with a convention…so how do you decide to choose the ones we keep?

      7. We need the constitutional convention but good luck with obtaining one …I do not see it happening for years to come.

      8. I will agree with you…but “nature abhors a vacuum”…there is a vacuum in DC for the last 25 years……something will change….

  2. Oddly enough, I just ran across a Mark Twain quote this week; “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

  3. Patriotism, at least to me, is standing-up for something. because you believe that it is right. Nationalism, on the other hand, can mean falling in line, behind a demagogues–since you drank the trumpAde–and not realizing that his cause might be of value to him, but maybe not to you. More snake oil?

  4. Some very good quotes here, chuq. This one is my personal favourite though.
    “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”
    Samuel Johnson

    Regards, Pete.

  5. LOL.. damn you, chuq… I just finished a two parter on Patriotism.
    Well.. suffice to say.. I’m in agreement with everything you posted here! 🙂

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