Could Bitterness Be The Answer?

Another Sunday has arrived and there is absolutely nothing of interest in the news……that is of interest to me….I really do not care about celebs or some whack-a-doodle with a match… what could be the topic for today’s post?

How about something about Russia?  I mean we have not had enough Russian stories these many weeks, right?

We all are aware of the supposed influence of the Russians in our society….but has anyone really asked why would they give a crap?  Really?  Has anyone asked that one simple question?

We have heard it all with the Trump connection or the Albanians are coming….all the sensationalism around the topic.

But I believe I may have hit on the “real” reason for their anger……Alaska.

It seems some Russians are still pissed that the US bought Alaska…nay some say stole Alaska…..

Thursday marked the 150th anniversary of Russia’s sale of Alaska to the US—and in honor of the occasion, the New York Times takes a look at Russian attitudes toward the sale. Turns out some Russians are pretty bitter about it, claiming that Russia would be even stronger today if the country had kept hold of Alaska and its vast natural riches; the Times notes that the issue is an especially sensitive one given the current battle for influence over the Arctic. Even Vladimir Putin recently weighed in on the matter, saying Thursday that “what the US does in Alaska, it does on the global level.” He said he’s especially concerned about the US developing a missile system there.

The Russians, who started to settle Alaska in 1784, sold it less than a century later amid fears that Britain might seize it or Americans might overrun it if gold were discovered there. For the US, the deal meant a closer trade position with China and increased protection of the West Coast from the British, although of course there were some who called the $7.2 million purchase ($125 million in today’s dollars) “Seward’s folly.” (William H. Seward, then-US secretary of state, signed the deal with Russia.) For the indigenous people of Alaska, the anniversary brings mixed emotions; Alaska’s Native peoples were mistreated by both the Russians and the Americans. Professor William L. Iggiagruk Hensley, a descendant of Inupiaq Eskimos, takes an extensive look at the deal and its impact on Alaska’s Native peoples at The Conversation.

There you have it….the REAL reason Russia is pissed.

Now we can leave the rest of the crap to the speculative dicks with the networks……you now know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Now go enjoy your Sunday and have a good day…be well, be safe…..chuq