Recognition At Last

Another Sunday and the weather is marvelous…..warm days cool nights and the garden is in full bloom….can hardly wait for that first tomato….it will be for a tomato sandwich…..crusty French roll with tomatoes and onion and olive oil……my mouth is watering already.

The weekends I usually only post one article and try not to do anything that has been in the news in the past week…we all need a break from the silliness were call politics.

In 2014 we started the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War One.  Most Americans do not think much about the war as they do about Korea and Vietnam….granted the US was only a minor participant…a little over a year of actual combat before the ceasefire.

Even the old mighty History Channel has avoided the conflict…..but as with any war that cost American lives it is worth remembering and studying with the hope that we never have to do it again….so far we have failed miserably.

We have monuments all over DC for war….the Unknowns, Vietnam Wall, the Cold war, etc.  But so far there is not much to remind Americans of World War One…..but that is about to change…..

Washington: How should the US honour the wishes of the last American First World War soldier, who asked for a national monument to the country’s role in the conflict?

The answer is more complicated than it seems.


In the US capital, national war memorials date only to 1982 when the Vietnam War memorial opened on the National Mall. A Korean War memorial followed, and in 2004, after years of debate, a Second World War memorial.

The United States has been “walking it back ever since,” said Edwin Fountain, co-chair of the First World War Centennial Commission. The biggest drawback, he said, is that “we don’t have a living constituency of World War I veterans.”

Source: A century later, plans under way for First World War memorial in Washington |

The article is in Gulf News…..seems NO American rag could be bothered with a story about this war or its veterans.  Is that the fate my generation has to look forward to?  Viet vets will be just a footnote on some term paper?

That ends my post for today…..I hope everyone has a good day and thanx for your visits and comments in the past week…I appreciate you guys very much…..chuq out!