You Are Screwed, Happy?

Closing Thought–04Apr17

There has been so much about our right to privacy on the internet and now it will be a thing of the past.

Pres. Trump has made it official……YOU NO longer have a right to privacy on the internet.

– In a move the ACLU has decried as putting “profits over privacy,” President Trump on Monday signed a repeal of former President Obama’s internet privacy rules, removing obstacles for internet service providers who wish to cull web browsing histories or other information from consumers, the AP and Reuters report. It was widely expected Trump would approve the pullback measure, which passed both the House and Senate last month. The repeal nixes an FCC regulation that would have forced ISPs to get consumers’ OK before using specific data for marketing purposes. Repeal supporters say the regulation held back innovation and was unfair to ISPs, considering internet companies like Google don’t have to ask consumers for permission before gathering similar data. Supporters also want oversight of internet privacy practices moved from the FCC to the Federal Trade Commission.

Elections have consequences….

In the words of Wild Bill Hickcock after killing a rival in a gunfight….”Are you happy now?”

Have a good evening…….

It Is NO Longer Important

IST tries to keep my readers up to date on the doings involving our troops……since most of society could care less….we here want it to be known what the Pentagon is doing with our soldiers.

Word has come down from the Pentagon that the  number of troops being deployed in the Middle East will NO longer be made public…..

Since the first “no boots on the ground” pledges of President Obama, the Pentagon has systematically and repeatedly lied about the number of US ground troops they have in Iraq, deliberately omitting large numbers of troops from the official count by labeling them “temporary.”

Today, Centcom announced that they are going to end the lying about the number of US troops in those countries. They’re not going to start telling the truth, of course, but rather have decided to stop providing any numbers at all on the matter.

Centcom spokesman Col. John Thomas argued that people don’t need to know the number of US troops that are deployed in the countries, and that the important metric is “capabilities, not numbers.” Of course, the figures the Pentagon was giving were never particularly useful in the first place for reporters, since they were always clearly false.

Officially, per the last figure the Pentagon provided was that exactly 5,262 US troops were in Iraq. This was the formal “cap” on the number of troops that could be in the country, though in practice well over 6,000 US troops are actually there, with more being deployed regularly.

The official troop level deliberately excludes everyone labeled a “temporary” soldier, which includes a large number of troops with open-ended deployment dates, labeled temporary simply to avoid going over the cap at a given time.


Be assured that IST will try to keep the word coming on troop deployments….it may take some digging but if at all possible the news will be reported.

Yemen–Vital Conflict

Saudi Arabia has been bombing the crap out of Yemen for about 2 years and the US has been holding their hands behind the scenes during all this conflict.

SecDef Mattis has stated that the US should get involved more in the Yemen conflict because of the vital interests the country holds.

Defense Secretary James Mattis has been reported recently to be pushing for deeper direct US military involvement in the Saudi invasion of Yemen, and it seems he’s getting backing from top Pentagon brass as well, with the Central Command chief Gen. Joseph Votel today arguing that the US has “vital interests” in participating in the war.

Officials are falsely presenting the US as basically uninvolved to this point, despite US in-air refueling operations and naval participation in the blockade of ships to Yemen. Votel also focused heavily on the idea of Iran being involved in the war, despite no real evidence that is the case.

Votel’s argument was split into two parts, with one arguing that Iran is “destabilizing the region” and that the US has to confront them militarily, even if in this case it just means attacking Shi’ites with little but tangential ties to Iran’s own brand of Shi’a Islam. He also argued for more US involvement to disrupt to local al-Qaeda faction, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Which doesn’t make much sense either, since the Saudi invasion all but ignored AQAP for most of its invasion, and has instead focused on fighting Shi’ites to the exclusion of everything else. It was this invasion that resulted in Shi’ite factions losing substantial territory to AQAP in the first place, territory the Saudis largely have not recovered yet.


Someone needs to ask and it might as well be me….what vital interests?

Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East so we cannot exploit any resources because there is few little to exploit.  Then what “vital interests”?

Saudi is our butt buddy in the region….but with all the money, weapons and training that we have provided and they still need more help then maybe it is time to reassess our investment in the damn country.

So I ask again….what are these vital interests?

UK Thumps Its Chest

Looks like Right leaning governments all have the same agenda…..threatening other countries… the US Trump has been threatening North Korea and Iran among others since we elected DJ……and now the UK with May at the helm is threatening Spain….

The triggering of Brexit was expected to lead to some robust exchanges between Britain and other EU members—but not many people expected open talk of war within days. The BBC reports that on Sunday, former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard warned that if it has to, Britain will defend its Gibraltar territory from Spain the same way it defended the Falklands Islands 35 years ago. In 1982, “another woman prime minister sent a task force halfway across the world to defend the freedom of another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country” and Theresa May “will show the same resolve in standing by the people,” Howard said.

Howard’s remarks followed the EU’s release of Brexit negotiating guidelines stating that Spain would have to sign off on any decisions affecting Gibraltar, a 2.6-square-mile territory on its south coast. “Someone in the UK is losing their cool and there’s no need for it,” said Spain’s foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis. “The Spanish government is a little surprised by the tone of comments coming out of Britain, a country known for its composure,” he added, per the Guardian. Opposition UK lawmakers called talk of war “ludicrous,” while May promised that Britain would stand by the territory. Some 99% of Gibraltarians rejected sharing sovereignty with Spain in a 2002 referendum—and last year, 96% of them voted against Brexit.

What is it about these macho spouting turds and the Right leaning governments?

The Leader Of A PAC

No I am not nostalgic for the early ’60’s tunes…..

WE have Dark Matter….dark Energy….and Dark Money.

Ever thought about running a political campaign?

If so you need an education on where the real money lies for such an endeavor…..Dark Money.

money donated to politically active nonprofit organizations or anonymous corporate entities, which spend this money to influence political campaigns or other special interests but are not required to reveal their donors.

Source: Dark Money – Definition

Now that you have an idea what it is….you will need a course of action to get into the field……and I can help…….

Dark Money refers to political spending meant to influence the decision of a voter, where the donor is not disclosed and the source of the money is unknown. Depending upon the circumstances, Dark Money can refer to funds spent by a political nonprofit or a super PAC. Here’s how:

  • Political nonprofits are under no legal obligation to disclose their donors. When they choose not to, they are considered Dark Money groups.
  • Super PACs can also be considered Dark Money groups in certain situations. While these organizations are legally required to disclose their donors, they can accept unlimited contributions from political non-profits and “shell” corporations who may not have disclosed their donors, in these cases they are considered Dark Money groups.

Source: Dark Money Basics • OpenSecrets

Now you have a working knowledge of dark money and how it is used….so go out and have fun with your newly acquired knowledge…..see just how sleazy you can be.